10 ways to protect your business from theft and other crime

Want to protect your business from theft and crime? Then follow our top tips:

  • Secure your perimeters

Secure the perimeters of your business premises for better theft prevention. Ensure the fencing and gates on your property are all in good order and don’t require any maintenance. Consider installing more heavy duty fencing, sturdier gates, barriers or rising bollards.

  • Secure your buildings

Next look at the buildings from which you operate your business, ensure any access points such as doors and windows are in good repair. Also, confirm that both your windows and doors are fitted with suitable locks.

  • Locks and key holders

Consider who has access to your buildings. Do you have an up-to-date key holder’s policy in place and can you account for all of the keys that have been given out? Also, can you control the duplication of those keys?

When looking to replace the locks on your businesses premises first speak to your insurance company about any stipulations they make regarding locks and security. Also, consult with an experienced locksmith about having a patented lock created for your business, that way you can control the duplication of keys from that point onwards.

Remember, you’ll also want to give consideration to the issuing of keys to areas within your business premises such as locked filing cabinets.

  • Electronic security systems

Alternatively, you could improve your business’s security by installing more robust electronic access systems that integrate card readers or fingerprint recognition systems. These electronic systems are not only robust but also provide useful insights about who has entered a property and when. And you could access it via cameras on your phone or another smart device connected to the security system. This could especially be helpful if you’re a home-based entrepreneur. In the event that you’re away from your house, companies such as Verisure might be able to provide you with the right kind of systems that can guarantee full safety for your property. Therefore, if you have any inventory or storage at home for your goods, it might be safe and protected.

  • Burglar alarms

Once you’ve confirmed that your perimeters and buildings are secure, consider fitting burglar alarms. First, give thought to what you want any security systems you install to achieve. Do you want your security systems to alert you if there is a problem or would you prefer that the system was monitored around the clock? You’ll find a range of options available from alarm-only options to those that go through to a dedicated surveillance center, where any alarm activation will be followed-up and investigated.

  • CCTV systems

It may be that you want to invest in a CCTV system to improve the security of your business. Firstly, you’ll need to decide how comprehensive a system you want. Do you simply require CCTV that has a playback facility, so that you can study footage later if an incident occurs or do you require something more comprehensive?

Depending on the size and nature of your business you might want to consider a CCTV system that is monitored 24/7, so you can nip any emerging problems in the bud. Also, you could embrace video software that includes facial or number plate recognition or other business insights such as customer demographics.

  • IT Security

You can improve your IT security without it costing you anything. It’s all too easy when you are rushing around to prevent your computers and other IT equipment from completing their regular (and free) updates. But do allow software updates to take place; it’s an important step to ensuring your IT is protected. Search online, and you’ll find that there is a variety of anti-virus and open software you can utilise for free or at very competitive prices. Just check the licences cover commercial use of the software. Also, when you come to replace your IT equipment, ensure that your old computers are disposed of securely and in line with the relevant guidelines.

  • Passwords

Another step you can take to improve the security of your business is to limit access to passwords – only give them out when it is strictly necessary.

Also, choose strong passwords that you change regularly. There’s lots of advice available to help you to choose a strong password, but make your password at least 8 characters long, use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Do choose a password you can remember (so you don’t need to write it down), if you do decide to keep a note of it, keep it elsewhere, under lock and key and not in the vicinity of your computer.

When creating a password, don’t use personal information that someone could easily find out – such as a beloved pet’s name. Also, don’t use sequences of keys such as ‘1234′, or ‘qwerty’, common words such as ‘password’, or the names of items close to your computers such as ‘printer’. For a completely random sequence of characters, do use a reputable password generator or if you’ll have difficulty remembering this, try choosing the first letter of each word in the first line of a song or poem you know well.

  • Secure recycling

When looking to improve the security of your business, consider how you approach your paper recycling. It’s imperative that paper recycling is undertaken confidentially and securely so that there’s no possibility of key company information being compromised. Some charities now offer secure recycling services so that you can improve the security of your business and help a valued charity at the same time.

  • Observe and review

Whatever the security measures you have in place, remember to be observant and to stay vigilant. Also, conduct regular reviews of the security you have in place to ensure it is ship shape and working well. Involve your colleagues too, as they may be aware of shortfalls in security that you are not.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure. However, in addition to ensuring you do everything you can to protect your business from theft and crime, ensure you have the right insurance in place to set your mind at rest. To find the right insurance contact Call Wiser today.