15 Must Read Entrepreneurial Blogs For Women

We’ve reached a new age where women are reaching new heights in their careers, and we’re seeing an aggressive movement of women in the entrepreneur side of things, too. In an effort to bring together like minded women who aspire to own their businesses, I’ve put together 20 of the top entrepreneurial blogs for women to follow below.


Female Entrepreneur Association


Easily first on the list is the Female Entrepreneur Association, the premiere hub to women around the world looking to find a collective gathering of detailed information on starting a business, growing a business, and finding success.

Get access to weekly videos, a members’ club, private classes, a magazine, social networking channels, a blog, and more. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter.

Founding Moms


Jill Salzman, the founder of The Founding Moms, is a quickly becoming a serial entrepreneur and brings this valuable resource to the masses to join her journey. She has walked the walk in as a female entrepreneur, and hosts the website as a group of moms who help each other learn about business, network, and spark their businesses for long term success.

Lean In

lean in

Lean In is a powerful organization who employs the ideas of community, education and circles for women entrepreneurs everywhere. With a mission to inspire and motivate women who have a desire to have their own business, a strong focus on teamwork and leveraging others’ experience has proven to be a strong model for achievement for thousands of women.

She Owns It

she ownes it

She Owns It is a place for women to celebrate their business successes. While others focus on growth, partnerships, or bigger ideas, this unique location houses the stories you want to read about women who have conquered their markets, and they share their path, their expertise and knowledge to help you push your own limits, too.

Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling


Marney Reid founded Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling to offer an outlet for women in business to connect, empower each other, and provide support as they tackle their daily tribulations. They offer a free membership, newsletter, and even a way for you to jump in and contribute in your very own way to grow your business, and help others, too.

Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global


As the name suggests, Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global has a mission to enlighten women all around the globe to harness the power of entrepreneurship to create and foster their own futures.  Unfortunately, not every woman around the earth has an equal opportunity for creating their dream business, but WEGG seeks to change that.

Biz Women


A spin off from bizjournals.com, Biz Women focuses exclusively on providing resources, support and camaraderie for women in business. Get insight from women who have attained high positions in all sectors and markets, and see and hear stories of how women have begun to influence the workforce at a capacity never seen before. Join their newsletter for breaking news, philanthropy, and more.

Business Chicks


Business Chicks is an Australian based, women focused think tank where gals of like minded business aspirations can get together to exchange new ideas, stories of their own previous success, and to ignite others to branch out of their comfort zones to follow their dreams. Enjoy free media, a host of events, and even friendly competitions to keep the fire burning and creativity flowing.



Catalyst is a major proponent of helping women to create their own opportunities by leveraging themselves through business. By connecting with others, engaging new ideas, helping others, and making a real day-to-day impact, every women can change their workplace in order to change her life. Join the community, become a member, and be the change you want to see.

Chic CEO


Have you not been able to get your idea off the ground or were afraid to take the leap into entrepreneurship? Chic CEO seeks to to stop those limitations and take a headstrong, pragmatic approach to starting a business and making it a reality. They believe in creating your own freedom, getting uncomfortable in order to grow, and making the every day count.

The Forte Foundation


Some of the top companies and leading business schools have gathered together to bring you the Forte Foundation, a place for women to launch themselves into higher positions in career and business alike, to seek higher education and learning in all forms of work, and to work with other women who face the same challenges. By motivating, educating, and supporting others, they want nothing more to raise awareness for what women can achieve.

Savor The Success


One of the first virtual business schools of its kind, Save the Success is a way for women to express themselves through a light of success in their lives, not just businesses. Enjoy videos, magazines, huge support circles, major gatherings and events, and even their signature Daily Action Planner to make sure you’re both working to grow, as well as enjoying the process on your adventure in entrepreneurship.

Young Women Entrepreneurs


The growing community behind Young Women Entrepreneurs is looking to unite women from all around the world to exploit their opportunities in business to access their dream life. With a strong belief in women holding a real responsibility to changing the world, one business at a time, they value community, connection and collaboration. Join their global initiative, Because I Am A Girl, and help women and young ladies reach their maximum potential.

Girls Who Code


Taking on a predominantly male industry, Girls Who Code is working with young women to pursue education in computing skills, perhaps one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in business globally this year. With education and action, Girls Who Code are attacking their industry head on in an attempt to equalize the more than 1,400,000 available technological jobs which could impact the world for decades to come.

Women Presidents

women president

The WPO (Women Presidents Organization) is a membership level group of women in high performance careers for some of the largest, privately held companies who are looking to get more women on board for success in their careers. Not just any business woman can join, and the WPO has set the bar high in order to keep the best of the best banded together to push the bar on how women are making an impact at the peak level in business.