3 Persuasive Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Office 365

Smaller businesses have traditionally found it hard to keep pace with the latest programs, but Office 365 has levelled the playing field. In fact, it’s absolutely perfect for businesses great and small, and those smaller ventures will feel perfectly accommodated by its fantastic forward-thinking features.

Here are just 3 important reasons why small businesses will love Office 365.

  1. Perfect for Remote Work

The rise of cloud computing has seen many companies allow employees to work remotely. Employees love cutting the commute and being able to work in their pyjamas, while employers love cutting down on office costs. Office 365 is entirely cloud-based, so your employees will be able to access emails, files, and other office programs from anywhere in the world. With remote working so popular among smaller businesses, it’s an advantage you can’t afford to ignore.

  1. Perfect for Outside Help

Because Office 365 works on the cloud, it’s very easy to have other professionals help you, which is great for small businesses. For example, you aren’t likely to be big enough to have an IT department or an accounts department, but Office 365 lets IT professionals and accountants access most of what they need from afar, so you’ll be more easily able to contract that work out instead of bringing it in-house.

  1. Low Cost

Upgrading to the latest systems can often seem like quite an expensive affair, but Office 365 is very easy on your finances. Firstly, you’ll have access to all the latest versions of Office at no additional cost. Microsoft is always making upgrades to their key programs, and, because everything is cloud-based, those updates will come through automatically without any need to go out and buy physical versions of new programs.

Better yet, subscription based payments let you spread out the cost over the year instead of paying one large initial sum. For smaller businesses, that’s a payment plan that is likely to appeal. You can even choose from several different business plans to make sure you don’t end up paying more for features that you don’t really need.