3 Reasons Shoppers Might Not Keep Using Your Branded Shopping Bags

Most switched-on retail business owners understand the importance of providing branded shopping bags. When you provide them for your customers, that customer will then advertise your business free of charge as they walk around with your bag. They’ll even advertise it to themselves if they keep using the bag for some time to come. Whenever they use it, they’ll be reminded of your business, and that makes them more likely to return.

Of course, these benefits are considerably more far-reaching if your customers are keeping the bags around. Unfortunately, even branded bags sometimes get discarded rather quickly, and here are just three common reasons why.

1. The Design Isn’t Interesting

If you don’t spend enough time or effort on the way your bags look, chances are they’ll end up looking pretty boring. Some companies simply choose a stock design that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, while others opt for cheaper printing processes that result in a less attractive bag. The bags people tend to stick with longest are the most unique and stylish, so be sure to put plenty of thought into the design process.

2. The Fabric Feels Cheap or Flimsy

Nobody wants to keep carrying around a shopping bag that feels cheap or flimsy. Such a bag won’t feel nice in the hand, and users will probably be worried it will split and spill everything they’re carrying. This is why it’s often a good idea to invest in bags made from materials like cotton, canvas, jute, and polypropylene.

3. They Aren’t Eco-Friendly

People nowadays like to be seen as eco-friendly. If you give them a bag made from a recyclable material, they’re probably going to be happy carrying it around with them as such materials provide a little more social credibility. In short, keep away from single-use plastics.