3 Tips For Better Managing Your Employees

Employees are the bread and butter of a business. They keep operations running, and they are what everybody sees when they look at your organization. If they give off a bad impression upon first look, nobody will be interested to see what you have to offer as a full meal deal. Good employees are what you want, but finding the good ones and getting them to stay is no easy task.


The bad employees are the thing that make you want to throw in the towel and wish you never started this business endeavor in the first place. A manager can try and make the bad employees good all they want, and they say that a person won’t change unless they want to, but with the right governing tactics, anything is possible. If you need to see improved performance from your employees, here are 3 tips for managing them better:

Make Examples of the Best

You’ll always have those select employees who are amazing that you just wish you could use to train up other people, but that is often harder said than done. One way to do this is to use a knowledge transfer system.

You might not know exactly what it is about certain employees that makes them so amazing and what makes other employees less than stellar, but with a little research those things are easy to pinpoint and you can then begin using those strengths as examples and rewarding those who excel in that arena.

Get To Know Them

Even though it’s a lot of work, getting to know your employees on a personal level could prove to be very effective in helping your business succeed. When you know somebody’s strengths and weaknesses you can play off of them better. It will also give you better insight on why certain employees might be acting up or under performing. When your employees feel seen and valued it also boosts their morale and encourages them to work harder.

Offer Incentives

There is nothing worse than working for a business that doesn’t appreciate you or give you anything for the hard work that you do. If you want to better manage your employees, it would be good if you would give them something to work for. Happy employees create a happy work environment. Think up incentives for employees based on performance and attitude. Reward goes a long way.

When you get to know your employees and reward them based on the things that are valuable to them, you’ll see a rise in performance. Management it about making the best out of situations so if you’re able to boost performance by motivating people and rewarding them, you’re doing great.