3 Tips for Creating a Great Business Page on Facebook

Having an engaging and informative Facebook page is an asset for any business. Regardless of whether you sell baked goods or work as a consultant, Facebook and other social media platforms create the perfect way for businesses to connect with their customers or clients in a more casual, personal way.


However, just because social media is generally a more relaxed version of business marketing doesn’t mean that you can be more relaxed in your drive and determination to create a great representation of yourself. Therefore, to help you best leverage this medium, here are three tips to help you create a great business page on Facebook.

Link Back to Your Website Whenever Applicable

Using Facebook and other social media platforms as an easy way to get your foot in the door with a larger audience is one of the greatest rewards of having a social presence for your business. And while you want to make yourself memorable and create a Facebook profile that will interest your followers, you also want to have your profile be advantageous to your total online presence.

For this reason, Ginny Soskey, a contributor to HubSpot, recommends adding links back to your website at key places in your Facebook profile. These links should appear anywhere that you could expound with information found on your website, like the About Us section or in descriptions of your photos. This will help send more traffic to your website and further link your total online presence together.

Spend Quality Time On the Platform

In order to know exactly how you can use Facebook to make your business more successful, you have to know how to use the platform both as a traditional user and as a businessperson. Gaining this knowledge requires you to spend a lot of time getting familiar with this platform and uncovering as many tips, trick and features as you possibly can. Scott Levy, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, suggests focusing a lot of this time checking out your business’s competitors and trying to understand how other brands became successful with their Facebook following.

Don’t Leave Sections of Your Profile Blank

All social media requires your interactions to be quick and to the point. Therefore, you’ve got to make the most of the little space and time you’re given to leave a lasting impression on your audience. To do this, Scott Ayres, a contributor to Social Media Examiner, suggests not leaving any section of your profile blank, especially the About section. Ayres shares that incomplete social profile sections will only lead to missed opportunities to reach your target audience and create meaningful relationships with them that would ultimately lead to your business’s success. Knowing this, it’s important to do all you can to fill your profile sections to the best of your ability.

A solid Facebook profile could go a long way towards helping you reach your business goals online. Use the tips mentioned above to take full advantage of this social platform.