3 tips to keep in mind when selecting the right font for your bespoke paper bag

When designing the perfect bespoke paper bag for your company it is essential that you get the wording right. This will communicate the right message to your customers and help your customers better understand your value proposition. Here are some of our top tips for selecting the right font for your paper bags.

Find a font that works well with your logo

Brand alignment is crucial when creating a business image that your customers will want to buy from. With that in mind try to make sure the font matches your logo. Stay away from more classic fonts like times new roman and bookman old style in favour for more modern ones if you have a sleek modern logo and vice versa if you are going for a more traditional look. Adhering to this rule when coming up with the design to your bespoke paper bag will ensure you keep the look uniform.

Stick to a minimalist design where applicable

When it comes to the over-styling principle of the bespoke paper bag we recommend keeping it as minimal as possible. This will reduce the cost of the print whilst putting more focus on your branding. If you are not careful the design can get cluttered which make the bag will look rushed and unprofessional.

Chose the right printing option for your bespoke paper bag

When it comes to the type of font that you select for your bespoke paper bag it is important to consider which type of printing will be best for your new product. If you go for a more minimalist font like Arial then screen printing will work very well.

Find a company who can print a variety of different fonts

Selecting the right font and design on your side is only the first step in making a bespoke paper bag that your customers will be happy with. Make sure you do your research in the market to find a supplier who can give you a large variety in terms of design and printing options.