5 Reasons Co-Branded Prepaid Cards Are An Increasingly Preferred Choice for Businesses

Co-branded prepaid cards are an alternative to credit and debit cards with your company brand and design represented on the card.  These prepaid cards can be an effective way of offering unique and distinct branded cards for your business, without the hassle and commitment that a private label prepaid card program would require. 


Below are 5 reasons why co-branded prepaid cards are an increasingly preferred choice for businesses:

1 Low Cost Option

Many prepaid card providers offer 4th Line Embossing as an entry-level option for interested businesses. This customization of prepaid cards at the most basic level allows businesses to include their company brand on the front of the card, usually located directly beneath the cardholder’s name. 4th Line embossing makes co-branded prepaid cards a reality for companies without requiring a high level of investment and allows for up to 21 characters – enough to accommodate most company names or brands. 

2 Greater Brand Awareness

In addition to basic 4th line embossing, some prepaid card providers offer hot foil overprinting, which is the addition of a high-quality, silver logo printed on the front of the prepaid card.  This adds a unique and professional aspect to your co-branded card solution, still at a substantially lower price than what a fully-customized private label prepaid card would cost. 

3 High Load Limits

Although often associated with low limits and fees, some prepaid card providers can offer cards with load limits as high as 50,000 USD. These high load limits paired with high daily ATM limits as well as high daily spending limits gives your clients unmatched power with a prepaid card. 

4 Reduced Time to Market

Unlike fully-branded, white label prepaid cards, which can take up to 3-4 months to be brought to market, co-branded prepaid cards can offer a quicker route. This makes a co-branded product ideal for companies looking to get their card launched in the shortest possible time, making such a product more convenient for both your business and your clients.

5 Reconciliation and Card Management

Co-branded prepaid card payout management is streamlined and high accuracy is ensured, just like with a regular prepaid card. Card management includes reconciliation reports incorporating any and all events that alter the balance of the float account. Load history is comprehensive, with data reaching to the individual card level, leaving no guesswork for your clients. Co-branded prepaid card payment reconciliation and management is efficient and easy.

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