5 Reasons to Get ISO Certified

Different businesses in different industries seek to appease and satisfy their customers and clients through different means. For some businesses, this revolves around good customer service. For others, it means developing strong marketing tactics. For many, the need to possess certain qualifications or accreditations is a top priority. Businesses with strong customer service and high rates of satisfaction tend to perform better than their competitors, which is one reason why this focus is so important. ISO 9001 is a basic business certification that indicates the quality of your customer service and satisfaction. What are some of the most common reasons to get this certification? Continue reading and we’ll let you in on the secret.


Improve Profitability and Efficiency

The hurdles that you’ll need to clear in order to become ISO 9001 certified can be beneficial to your business’ bottom line. Businesses are constantly seeking ways in which to improve profitability and overall efficiency; streamlining and improving the customer service experience can reduce complaints and increase profitability in meaningful ways. With those savings, you’ll be able to consult with your accountants and lawyers on ways to invest in new ideas. Firms such as Butlers help all sizes of businesses with commercial legal services and business accounting.

Some Clients Require It

Perhaps the most straightforward reason for obtaining ISO 9001 certification is that many clients will require it. While the standard customer in a retail setting is not likely to know about this – let alone expect it – B2B enterprises will run into significant difficulties without ISO 9001. Unfortunately, all too many businesses who obtain this certification proceed to abandon focus on customer service: after all, the certification speaks for itself, right? Unfortunately, this certification doesn’t guarantee that customers will forever be satisfied. It’s a necessary thing to have in some situations, though.

Improve Office Performance and Morale

The need for strong customer service isn’t just about the customers: it’s about your employees as well. All too many businesses fall victim to gradually declining customer service standards, which can actually make the workplace experience worse for employees. A consistently positive and proactive customer service policy will gradually help to elevate the mood and morale of employees within your business, and your customers will likewise appreciate it when working with them.

Increase Product Quality

Your products are your ambassador to the world. Once you’ve collected payment, the sale has just begun. People will review your products, tell others about the quality and otherwise influence other shoppers. ISO 9001 certification – when adhering to its principles after the fact – can dramatically improve the quality of your product or service in ways that will ensure you have more brand loyalty and higher rates of return customers.

Familiarise Yourself with All Inner Workings

In the process of coming into compliance with ISO 9001, you’ll learn a lot about your business that you might not know right now. As individual employees are tasked with specific jobs and roles, there is much they will experience in the day-to-day that non-micromanagers will not experience. The act of improving customer service will help you learn more about the problems, challenges and great things your employees face on a daily basis; and you’ll be a better employer as a result.

There are many different reasons for pursuing ISO 9001 certification. From improving customer service to increasing profitability, these five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. What other certifications does your business have, and how have they helped it grow? Tell us below about your experience.