5 Things To Consider When Looking For Affordable Coworking Spaces In London

Working in London can be a great experience, especially if your office happens to be located in the city’s trendy areas around town. Professionals can take in any of the city’s diversions and landmarks while at the same time enjoying working in one of the most diverse locations in the UK. Coworking takes working in London up a notch.

The coworking professionals in London can find themselves working in a number of locations, and while location matters, the coworking space has pretty much levelled the playing field in making inaccessible location within reach for start-ups and smaller businesses. In many cases, coworking professionals looking to find space that can help maximise productivity should pay attention to a few other factors. Looking for affordable office space in one of the UK’s premier cities is possible by keeping a few factors in mind.

Continue reading to learn more about what businesses pay for when looking for affordable coworking spaces.

Business Travel

Businesses should think about how much they are going to travel because there are some pretty nice fit-outs that can cater to business travellers. If leasing through Servcorp UK – affordable coworking spaces in London or other larger serviced office providers, these fit-outs can place you in some nice buildings internationally. Typically, with an international serviced office provider, businesses can reserve space in locations where the provider exists with some providers offering businesses vouchers for offices in other locations.

Cost For Perks

Most coworking spaces contain a variety of amenities, and businesses should pay attention to the number of them because costs can add up. Yoga and changing rooms are great, but businesses should consider what they actually need to function. If the whole purpose of saving money is leasing affordable space, then businesses should pay attention to the types of perks and whether you can maximise these perks while working in the space.

A La Cart Or All-inclusive

When looking at the features and options of a plan, consider whether these features come as a part of the plan or as a separate option. The reason is if the plan is all-inclusive then you do not have to come out-of-pocket for expenses, and alternatively, perks that are not included do add up and can make your rental even more expensive. If trying to conserve on overhead, businesses should consider looking for plans that can offer them more of what they need and more than workspace and an internet connection.

Monthly Rate

Compare monthly rates. While coworking is a less expensive option, the more perks and amenities that come with the space the higher the rental will be. Do not limit to yourself to a particular part of town because coworking spaces are very unique in that you might find some gems in places that you would not necessarily expect. Also, keep in mind, the monthly rates move up with upscale spaces that advertise to offer concierge (business-class) services.

Proximity To Resources

Another thing to keep in mind is the business’s proximity to others in the area. This is important because other businesses not only provide feeder traffic, but they also provide coworking professionals with various resources. Whether it is having access to information or experts, the coworking space in close proximity to businesses hubs can be of an advantage to the business.

 Affordable Space In The Big Smoke

London is legendary for making successes from those brave enough to make the effort. Through the coworking space, success can be achieved for those who need affordability as a platform for launching their space. First, businesses have to carve out their needs by looking at the above factors.