5 Things To Put On The Checklist When Hiring A Call Answering Service

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

A business can be greatly enhanced by the addition of a call answering service. The receptionists can help lower call rates, increase and maintain steady sales, take away the menial tasks and more.

This is fantastic as it leaves more room for a business to grow and get on with what they do best. With less distractions, the staff can build their skills and in-turn improve the service provided to customers.

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You might be thinking that with all the choice out there, how will you ever choose? This article will provide some great tips on how to choose the best answering service out there.

Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Top Answering Service

  1. Are they available 24/7?

Providing support at the times when no one else can is essential for a virtual team. They need to have the availability to take calls that you and your team cannot take. This is why it’s great to look for around the clock call answering so when it comes to those bank holidays, you are fully covered.

  1. A clear pricing structure

The fees need to make sense and relate to the business they are providing. If a company starts listing things that are raising red flags, question them and look elsewhere. The price should also be easy to compare so might be measured by cost per minute or per call. This way, you can easily shop around and decide what kind of deal suits your needs best.

  1. Look for a team with experience in your industry

Having a receptionist with industry experience is priceless. They already come on board with key knowledge and background information that will aid them when dealing with customers. This means you might want to look on their website and dig into their experience and key areas of interest. Checking this will help boost the personalised service they give.

  1. You should have an account manager

Your call answering service should come equipped with an account manager that will handle your specific account. This means whenever you have questions or need to speak to someone, you can get to someone high level. Changes can be made and you can chat to someone who knows the ins and outs of your business.

  1. Look for proactivity and potential growth

It is not 100% necessary but it’s a huge plus if you can recruit a team who offers services that can grow as your company grows. This joint expansion will only help to improve the business as a cohesive whole. Of course, the future brings growth and the business, customers and services must change to remain current. Therefore, finding a company who is innovative can prove to be indispensable.

These tips all provide good starting points on what to look for in a great answering service. Follow them and you will find a great match for your business.