5 tips on choosing a freephone 0800 number for your business

After your business has taken a particular phone number which is regularly used by potential customers, having that number changed can be a hassle. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to be very particular with what number you choose in the first place. Selecting an 0800 number could especially reap dividends – as, from any UK landline or mobile phone, it could be dialled free-of-charge. Here are some steps that are worth taking as you try to settle on an 0800 number.

Be fussy with where you source your number from

There are various businesses offering 0800 numbers; however, you can look forward to a less arduous experience if you choose such a company that meets particular criteria. Look for a business that would impose favourable monthly charges; there might even be a free trial available. Keep in mind, however, that an 0800 number can quickly pay for itself. 90% of people would recognise this number as one that is free to call; also, your advertising response rate could grow substantially.

Look for a provider that can be flexible

The “0800” part of your number can obviously be attractive to many people who see your company’s advertising in which the number is included. However, if you make sure that the rest of the number is suitably distinctive to stick in people’s memories, that number could become an even more powerful promotional tool. We will move onto the subject of how to devise a memorable number; however, you should first look for a company that is actually capable of providing one.

Consider how your number would look in blocks

Have you ever wondered why, when phone numbers are shown in advertising, they are in the form of several blocks? This is because the mind can recall, on average, between 6 and 9 numbers simultaneously, as stated on LinkedIn SlideShare. Thus, lengthy phone numbers will often be broken down into 3-, 4-, or 5-digit blocks. If you already have a number in mind for your own business, look at whether this number could be separated into chunks that would each be easy to remember.

Try these methods for devising a memorable number

There are various ways that a number can be memorable; we can detail examples of number blocks comprising single repeats, repeated pairs, double repeats, or consecutive runs. Single repeats are the likes of 2222 or 5555; repeated pairs are like 6677 or 5533; while double repeats are akin to 5454 or 7272. As for consecutive runs, they can be 1234, 9876, or something along those lines; it doesn’t matter whether the numbers ascend or descend.

Ask your chosen provider for your preferred number

Let’s assume that Planet Numbers is the company you have decided to buy an 0800 number from. You could find this company to currently offer a pleasingly broad range of 0800 numbers for sale. That range could include what are called “ultimate memorable 0800 numbers”. These numbers’ availability will be a case of first come, first served; so, don’t delay in securing one.