5 Tips for Entering the Chinese Market by Using Digital Marketing

China has the largest population and the largest business opportunities. China always attracts foreign companies and they want to participate in the magic of the Chinese market. China has nearly 700 million of Internet users and they are far more creative than ever. Here are some tips that should be done in your integration efforts in the Chinese digital market.


Use Search Engines to Achieve Visibility!

The majority of Chinese people looking for information with the help of Baidu. Baidu in some ways similar to Google, and even the Chinese have a typical expression “Baidu Yixia” having a similar meaning to “Google it”. Baidu has got a market share of 65%, beating other search engines, no exception for Google! Using Baidu wisely will be useful to market anything on China, as Baidu is the Internet pride of China.

Use cultural icons to create a buzz that will attract Chinese consumers!

You can use a celebrity to create a buzz. One popular example is Li Yuchun, winner of “Supergirls”. With typical simple clothes and beautiful voice, she has become the idol of the Chinese netizens. Yuchun already has 3.6 million followers and of course this girl cannot be ignored in any digital campaign. By collaborating with the artist then you can get more visibility. Ability to influence is what should be owned by every manufacturer if they want to take note of success in sales. How your ability to influence is the best way to get your consumers. This is very common, not limited to digital marketing. You should know that the Chinese netizens tend to comment on everything and so they believe will vote for someone, they will tend to follow that person.

Do not impose your culture

It should be noted: apply the culture you may incur some risks, as Chinese consumers are very sensitive to the infiltration of foreign culture. Tradition and culture are two very important things in China and it is important thing for any digital marketer to base their strategy on China’s customs. Localizing your content is an important part and you can do it in some way, one of them is to use a play on words. Chinese language is a tonal language, allowing you to turn the words into something more amusing.

Betting on western cliché

In some cases, you can incorporate some aspects of Western culture; this has been exemplified by Starbucks that has made a marketing method using a combination of Chinese culture and American culture.

Use opportunities of online-to-offline

E-commerce is the biggest market in China today, and every brand can utilize the potential of the Internet to help their customers to understand every product offered and what they (consumers) could get from buying the products. Not only that, the method of online-to-offline (o2o) makes it easier for customers in developing relationships with manufacturers who have been chosen.

I hope five tips above can help you in entering China’s market. Good luck!

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