5 Ways to Boost your Child’s Reading Skills at Home

Learning to read is probably the most vital step in your child’s education. If they fall behind, it’s going to impact their ability to take in new information for years to come. With that in mind, you should really be encouraging your child to improve their skills at home.

Here are five ways to do just that.

  1. Make it a Habit

Firstly, make sure you set aside time each day for your child to read. If you make reading a habit, your kids are more likely to improve. It’s a nice idea to let them read before they go to bed. Tell them they’re allowed to read for 30 minutes before you turn off the light – you’ll make it seem more like a treat.

  1. Make It a Family Event

As we grow older, reading tends to be something we do in isolation, but it helps to read with the rest of the family when a child is still learning the basics. You’ll be able to help them with tricky words and concepts, and reading as a family makes the activity seem more like entertainment and less like some kind of homework.

  1. Encourage All Kinds of Reading

Most of us come to love reading through exciting tales and engaging stories, but the majority of our everyday reading is nothing to do with narrative. You shouldn’t restrict your child’s reading to books and poems. Instead, ask them to read out menus, weather reports, reviews, cooking instructions, and so on. This gets them used to reading from different sources.

  1. Watch for Reading Difficulties

Most parents assume that only a trained educator will be able to spot reading problems, but that isn’t always the case. If you notice that your child seems to be experiencing an unusual amount of trouble, feel free to talk the matter through with a professional.

  1. Find Out What They Like

Finally, make sure you cater to your child’s interests. Are they into space? Look for stories that focus around that subject. Are they into dinosaurs? Try finding books where heroes get transported back to the age of the dinosaur.