9 Things To Cut From Your Marketing: Sneak Peek


There’s nothing worse in any business than wasting time and money. It depletes some of your highest value producing assets you have at your disposal. For this reason alone, I had to put pen to paper to help you discover if you’re making the same mistakes I made when I started out.

We’ll go over several aspects of your online business expenditures like overdoing search engine optimization, low quality content and offers, useless micro sites you don’t need, analysis paralysis through reporting, the myth of the press release, poor advertising spending, useless apps and even poor utilization of social media.


Here are the facts.

  1. Simpler is probably better, almost across the board.
  2. Quality before quantity in marketing.
  3. Revenue producing activities before anything else.
  4. Spend wisely and frugally.
  5. Time is too valuable to waste.

It’s funny because the way we look at our businesses can sometimes be the same as looking at life. If we took a step back and looked at our actions or our spending, can we confirm with 100% certainty we’ll get out at least as much as we put in?

Magnified illustration with the words Marketing Plan on white background.

The difference, however, is we can look at our numbers in our business and actually get the determination we’re seeking. We can use our profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and more to truly find out what is making a positive impact, and what is a waste of time or hard earned cash.

When marketing our businesses online, our website is a huge assets many people overlook. It’s no longer just an online business card, but can be treated as if it’s a hub to attract consumers, nurture your brand name and awareness with them, and, ultimately, create sales.

In addition, a lot of the marketing styles which have proven to be extremely successful, while they still have merit, are changing. Marketing is a dynamic and sometimes unknown venture when done over the internet. This is one of the reasons we’ll discuss tracking everything. You can’t send a dollar out to do business without knowing what it’s doing, how it’s performing for your business, and without having an expectation for what it can return.

Something else this book will walk you through is finding what is already working so you can continue to exploit it at a higher level. You likely already have some form of revenue producing marketing taking place, but may not understand how big of an affect it’s having on your bottom line. We’ll go over ways to look at everything with measurability in mind.

  • Confused at how you’re really paying for new customers?
  • Not sure if you’re making the right moves in your advertising?
  • Still pondering whether that social media campaign is truly worth it?

I’m positive you’ll find these answers, and more, in my book “9 Things To Cut From Your Marketing.” Take my step by step guide to spending less, and making more!