9 Ways to Simplify Your Business

Image Credit: Pixabay

            Simplifying your business is something which can save a lot of headaches in the future, as it mean that things are much easier to keep track of across the board. This does not mean that you will be sacrificing anything in the way of efficiency or customer relations (if it does, you are doing the simplifying thing very wrong indeed) – it means that the business itself will be stripped of things which are not essential to its running.

  1. Servers

Digitalise your company!  Yes, it takes some time, and yes at first it will be complicated while everyone gets used to the new system, but it will be worth it in the long run. Having everything digitalised will save on physical space in your business, and be much easier for everyone to access, since they won’t need to hope that no one else is using the information they need at that exact moment.

  1. Create a network

Small Business Computer Networks: What You Need to Know.

Creating a network means that everyone in the office is connected in a way that they weren’t before. More than that, it allows for people to remain connected with the office even when they themselves are away from it, allowing for a greater degree of involvement and control over who has access to what.

  1. Phones

Multiple phone systems can be a waste of time, particularly when it comes to voicemail, and keeping track of who is phoning where, and talking to whom, can be a pain. Using software to combine voicemail into one single central point can cut down on confusion.

  1. Put everything online

We’ve already talked about servers, but let’s talk about everything else that can be handled online – bills, communication, accounting, invoicing, shopping….the list goes on.

Rather than having various ways of handling all of this – some digitalised, some still in paper or face-to-face format, put everything online.  Things will be much simpler.

  1. Use the web

Make things simple by utilising the web to its greatest extent.  Building a website is something which is becoming easier by the day, and using it to bring customers in to your business can mean that your business can move entirely online.

  1. Work your bank

Rather than simply receiving bank statements, ask your bank if you can receive an itemised bill – this will help you keep track of your accounts much more easily, as everything will be laid out for you to see!


  1. Hire well

Don’t hire for experience – hire for enthusiasm and for willingness to learn, and this way an employee will grow with the company. Doing this will keep there from being a gap between employees and company, and also ensure that an employee stays longer, because they are getting what they need from the business.

  1. Keep a schedule

Life for your business will be much easier for everyone if you create a schedule and then keep to it. Having everyone know what they are doing and when they are doing it will make it much simpler to keep track of what needs to be done.