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Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get started? Did you already start a business but can’t seem to get off the ground? Is your business hitting a plateau and you can’t seem to grow any further?

Four years ago, I was in your same exact position.

My Plateau… (It’s a visual Metaphor)

My Story

When I turned 30, my mom and I were having lunch one afternoon and she asked me, “Roisin, are you happy?”

I blurted out a “Yes, of course!” right away, but truly knew on the inside… I wasn’t. I was working a dead end job, building someone else’s dream, and spun my wheels day in and day out. I was the epitome of sleep walking in the Rat Race.

I had to get out!

Not sure what to do, I figured a good course of action would be to step away and really take some time for myself for once. I booked a three day weekend, packed nothing but a few sets of clothes, grabbed my iPad, and went for it.

That three day weekend changed my life completely!

  • I realized I wanted to make an impact on other peoples’ lives.
  • I realized I wanted to build something of my own, something I had a real passion for.
  • I realized I had talents and skills I never really developed.

When I got back home, I knew what I had to do; so, I started my own business!

The first month was so exciting! I finally got to be my own boss, build my infrastructure the way I wanted, and create value for others instead of just punch a clock! I felt so liberated.

A few months in, I could feel the difference in my life. I felt happy. I felt useful. I felt alive!

A year went by and I couldn’t even believe how fortunate I was to have a thriving business! In fact, I was starting to get overwhelmed. The amount of work I needed to do was piling up with each new contract being signed, and working weekends was no longer optional. I knew it expansion was good, so I kept pushing new sign ups.

It was still the most expensive day of my life though!

My Wedding day, I had it all but I knew that something wasn’t right.

It didn’t take long until I was asking friends and family to help, but it still wasn’t enough. Even working overtime every day and slaving on the weekends, I couldn’t fulfill back-to-back contracts, and lost them both. I was devastated.

The stress was getting to me, and even the contracts I was able to fill started to lack the fervor and high quality I had promised. Something wasn’t right.

My Slump

I was right back where I started. I was spinning my gears every single day, a slave to my business. On one hand, I was thrilled to have consistent business coming in, and I was making a great income. On the other, the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to keep moving further and further away.

My mother, doing what mother’s do best, suggested, “Why not take another weekend getaway… it seemed to help last time.” How could I argue with that?

My thinking spot…

Let me tell you, I need to start taking more weekend getaways, becauseit worked again!

When I looked at myself and business from a bird’s eye view again, I realized a fatal mistake I had made which so many others make, too!


I was working in my business, not on it!

By trying to do it all, I was burying myself. I needed help.

But, I had no idea where to start! I knew what I needed to do, but I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I took to the internet and browsed a few forums where others had asked similar questions, went to a networking group and talked to others, and read a couple books to see if I could get any insight.

It was all cookie cutter responses.

  1. Systematize this.
  2. Outsource that.
  3. Hire help.

I needed something else, something… for me and my businesses. With no other solution in sight, I placed a call to a friend who was a fellow entrepreneur.

I remembered her telling me at the previous year’s Christmas party she hosted how she had met a business coach and hired him. I remember thinking it sounded good, how she had made leaps and bounds of progress in her own business, but it didn’t really apply to me. Until now.

After just a few meetings, I was more than grateful for making that simple call. I now had a different perspective on my business, I had an actionable game plan, and I had a new road map to success which didn’t include me slaving away inside my business.

In fact, within six months, I had completely removed myself from the business entirely, and it’s still thriving!

My Passion

With only having to put in a couple hours per month in my business, I had a new found freedom. I had time to do more! I could help more people!

What better way than to give back to others exactly the same way help was given to me?!

From this, my Business Boutique was born! It’s a simple concept really:

Every business is different, and requires a different plan.

Startups aren’t like they used to be. Things move faster now. I built a business, scaled it, and systematized in just a couple years, a feat which might have taken decades in the past. And the craziest thing is, everyone can emulate this!

I’ve helped hundreds of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs work on their businesses to find more time, more profit, and provide a better experience for their employees.

And I think I can help you, too.

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