All the Way to the Top: 5 Considerations to Make When Developing the Perfect Social Media Strategy

Social media is like a living, evolving entity where it’s constantly changing, and you never know what to expect next. The most unsuspecting content can go viral at any minute, trends can change on a near-hourly basis, and the competition for attention has never been fiercer.

As a business or individual, planning your social media strategy is so important if you want to succeed in this wild digital environment. Just like anything in life, the more organized you are, the more you’ll be able to tweak and optimize your strategy and get the results you want.

Today, we’re going to talking about five of the most important things you need to think about when developing your social media strategy, ensuring you meet these new heights of success.

 #1 – Set an End Goal

You’re not going to get anywhere on your journey unless you’re able to define your end destination. Otherwise, you’re just wandering around aimlessly. Think about what you want to achieve over the coming timeframe you’re setting yourself.

Do you want to increase your website traffic over the coming year by 50%? Do you want more social media engagement? Perhaps 40% more conversions over the next two years. Whatever you want to achieve, set it in stone to have something to aim for. 

#2 – Define Your Target Market

The next thing you’ll want to think about is who you’re making your content for. Without being able to know who you’re generating content for, you won’t be able to tweak and create accurate content that resonates with them.

Think about all kinds of indicators, including age, geographical location, gender, interests, income, needs, spending habits and more to figure out who your ideal audience is. If you market to everyone, you’ll get no one. 

#3 – Think About Content

Of course, when you’re creating a social media strategy, you’ll need to think about the type of content you’re creating. You probably already have a few ideas, but if you’re looking for more, or you’re unsure on how to proceed, you’re going to need to do some reason.

For this, simply look at other similar brands in your niche. You’re not going to want to copy them but instead look at the kind of topics they’re covering, how often they’re posting and how they are presenting themselves to their audience.

To make things easier, you may want to think about using a social media management tool or service. 

#4 – Think About Budget

Creating content for your social media campaign isn’t cheap, and you’re either going to be spending money to have someone create it, or you’ll be spending your own time making it, or both. This is why it’s imperative you set a budget, so you know exactly what you’re working with. 

#5 – Mobile-Friendly Content

We’re currently at the stage in the technological era where over half of all internet traffic is now processed through mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – and if you’re not considering this, you’re going to miss out.

This means creating short and concise content that’s clickable and works well with mobile devices. Optimize for mobile devices for the best return on your investment. 


This is scratching the surface when it comes to organizing and developing your social media strategy, but by following these points, you should be able to generate an effective strategy that gets results for your business.