Archaic Aversions – Why Resistance to New Technology is Detrimental to Business


Technology has made all areas life convenient for everyone. Consumers, for one, have benefitted from an online infrastructure that has made commerce much easier and efficient. Businesses also have benefitted in that it has made all aspects of industry more accessible to consumers. Just in terms of the office space evolution, technology has transformed the spaces we work in.

From making it possible to work in shared spaces and virtual ones too, leasing companies have found ways to make office space affordable for businesses of all sizes. Check out the diverse array of office solutions by visiting Servcorps London site at Conversely, many businesses have not caught onto the benefits of integrating technology into their structure. However, in today’s environment, lack of technology can be detrimental to your business.

Let’s take a look at just some reasons as to why not using technology can be harmful to your business.


Businesses who are resistant to technology almost retard their own efforts. Not only do they retard their own efforts, but they stand to lose customers to businesses that can provide their products and services conveniently. Case in point, years ago take-out restaurants made ordering food more accessible by simply allowing customers to order food online.

Today, through the internet, customers can order a plethora of food items online and have the food delivered within a matter of minutes. Alternatively, restaurants that have not adopted this particular method of taking orders from the public have lost quite a few sales. Whether it is making online purchases, checking our bank balances, or even making plane or hotel reservations, technology has made doing these transactions very convenient.


Technology makes businesses run more efficiently as well. In the time that it used to take some transactions to be completed, technology has made it possible to finish these processes more quickly. Let’s look at how it has transformed the typical loan process. Most consumers can easily fill out applications online whereas in the past the customers would have to go to the bank and fill out an application.

Today, that same customer would have an answer within a few days as compared to the past when it could take more than a week. Simply stated, technology has allowed businesses to operate more efficiently. Businesses, who stubbornly drag their feet where technology is concerned, regularly get passed over for companies who can deliver products and services faster.


Technology has also made business accessible to many. This can especially be seen in education. Thirty years ago, someone who lived rurally would have to make a special effort to attend college classes because for many communities their colleges and universities were hundreds a miles away from them. Today, however, someone who was isolated by distance could attend school and graduate all without having stepped foot in an actual class.

With the advent of online registration and online classes, a student could register for classes, meet with a counsellor at the physical site and take classes online. In fact, this same student could complete his entire course of study online, if needed. The point is that schools who drug their feet where technology was concerned lost students simply because these isolated students had no point of access.

Moving Out Of The Dark Ages 

Technology speeds up everything. For businesses who constantly update their technologies, they are able to get the jump on businesses who are resistant to change. Technology really makes the difference in a business who can provide accessible, efficient, and convenient service to consumers and one that cannot.