How to Avoid Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Getting your digital marketing strategy right is a task that requires some trial and error along the way. But you can minimise the level of error by avoiding some common digital marketing mistakes. 

Here are 4 important pitfalls to watch out for when devising your online marketing strategy:

  1. Being too ‘salesy’ on social media

Social media marketing is exactly that. Social. It’s a safe space where consumers are largely off duty from ‘buy mode’.

Don’t rule it out mind. It’s important for brands to embrace social media and engage with consumers on a social level, for it aids brand awareness and brand advocacy. However, if businesses are too aggressive with their social media posts to directly sell to potential consumers, users are more likely to unfollow you or fail to follow you in the first place.

Tip: Don’t try and sell to users on social media. Instead, make them remember you.

  1. Producing content with no strategy

Granted, since the days of the Panda update, Google has recommended the ongoing generation of fresh content on brands’ websites, however writing content without an objective is likely to be a waste of your resources.

Before you even put finger to keyboard, think about what you want to achieve with your digital marketing objectives. Do you want to attract a new target market? Are you promoting a specific product? Do you want to create brand recognition?

Agree your objectives and work back from there. Ask what audience you want to attract and where they can be found. Decide how you want them to engage and how you want them to communicate. Set your KPIs and think about whether they are realistic.

Working backwards like this ensures you treat each objective like an individual campaign, with multiple types of associated content, different mediums/channels and a clear idea of metrics.

Tip: Write with no objective in mind is like shooting fish in a barrel. Decide your goals and work backwards to create the right content. 

  1. Not Listening to Your Audience

The customer is always right, right? OK, that statement is probably a little caveated for most businesses, but your audience feedback and behaviour should be the driver of your ongoing marketing strategy.

At the most basic, this means acknowledging and engaging with customer feedback on your website and social channels. If a trend appears in a particular suggestion, consider testing it.

Listening to your audience also counts for analysing trends in user behaviour data and acting on it.

Understanding user behaviour reports on Google Analytics will give you valuable insights into where users may drop off your site, or how hard they searched your pages to find an answer to their query.

Tip: Failing to listen to your customers could mean you are ignoring an opportunity to turn an obstacle into a success. 

  1. Neglecting the Importance of SEO

This also counts for over-egging your SEO strategy.

We know SEO can be a baffling subject, especially when Google’s Best Practices frequently change to accommodate new algorithms, but getting the balance right is key.

Do too much of a certain activity, such as keyword optimising and it could appear unnatural, not to mention take up valuable time that could be spent on other marketing activities.

Do too little and you’ll be choking on your competitors’ dust.

It’s worth taking some advice on the right SEO strategy for your business to ascertain the level of activity required and the activity that’s most successful for your industry.

Tip: Assess your SEO performance and analyse your competitor activity to help define your SEO strategy. Seek advice if you are unsure. 

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