Best Jobs For Women in 2016

The idea of how a woman should live her life has changed a decent amount  in the last decade or so. Ever since women got the right to vote in 1920, the progress toward equality for women in life and in the workplace has taken some large strides, but overall, the process has been unbearably slow.


Even with new progress for women in business and career related fields, women are still not receiving equal treatment from their male peers. This often manifests itself in the realms of sexual harassment, unequal pay, and inability to get earned promotions. The problem is complex, but since women are basically the equivalent of superheroes, the world can be confident that there will be a time when women are treated just as well as men.

For the time being, women have still gotta work. There are some fields that are progressive in allowing women their fair treatment and advancement in 2016, so they’re great places for women to jump into the career scene.

Anything Involved in the Arts

Artists are usually the most progressive thinkers of their time. They’re the ones who see a need and make sure it gets filled. They’re the ones who create opportunities for themselves. They’re the ones who write about and give breath to the underdogs of the world and the people who aren’t receiving fair treatment.

For this reason, a career in the arts is a great place for any woman. The arts are vast and could mean anything a woman wants them to mean. It could be getting involved in an art gallery, it could mean joining the local community theatre board. Whatever your passion, link it to art and creativity and get rolling.

Medical Related Fields

It’s no secret that the medical field has been home to women for a long time. The amount female nurses outweighs male nurses by a long shot. While the medical field is a great place to be, there does need to be more of a presence with female doctors, surgeons, and the like.

A woman in medicine is not limited to caring for patients. She should be able to stand at the head of the system, calling the shots, and making the decisions that save a life and not just care for it. Reach for a job in the medical field in 2016 and watch your opportunities soar. The more women there are, the better opportunity there is for change.

If neither of these fields of work suit your fancy, check out the best jobs for women last year. In 2016, the trends are continuing to go up in this cycle, so do some research, make it work, and be the change you wish to see in the world. It’s the only way it’s going to happen.