How to Build Your Dream Team with Social Recruiting [Infographic]

You’ve got a great business idea, the perfect plan, and drive to succeed. What else do you need?

You need a great team. If you’re truly going to work on your company, rather than in it, you need people you can trust, who will take ownership of their work and get it done right, even when you’re not around.

Having the right team means you can completely focus on the most important tasks that you need to accomplish, because you’re confident your team is handling the rest.

But recruiting quality talent is getting harder than ever. The time it takes just to fill a position is at an all time high, hiring managers and executives are worried about the costs of unfilled positions, and recruiters expect it to get worse.

Social recruiting has been pushed forward as the possible cure for this, and for good reason. It helps you reach the 75 percent of potential employees who aren’t actually out searching for jobs – passive candidates. But there are some hidden pitfalls – passive candidates don’t always perform as well as people who were actively looking for work. In the infographic below, you’ll learn about how social media is being used in recruiting, and how to include it in your HR strategy to effectively attract the right team.


Ok, if this can work for Initech, it can certainly work for you! Seriously though, we hope this helped you better understand what social media has to offer for hiring, and how you can use it to find the people that will help you build a better business.

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