Building a Loo Library – 3 Brilliant Books for Your Bathroom

If a good book is equivalent to a satisfying a meal, then a bathroom book is a quick snack. They should be short and sweet, instantly available and easy to consume. Every good bathroom should have a stock of easily readable books within arm’s’ reach as insurance – you may be used to browsing on your smartphone whilst you’re seated, but accidentally leave it outside the door and you’ll be forced into studying the wallpaper to stave off boredom. There’s no substitute for a good selection of loo books, and here are three of the very best:

500 Words You Should Know” – Caroline Taggart

Ever struggled to articulate yourself? Ever sat in a meeting and nodded blithely along while unknown words skim past your ears? What better way to spend five minutes than to learn a few new words with which to impress your boss and confuse your loved ones? Taggart’s style is effortlessly breezy and makes expanding your vocabulary as easy as possible, and the contents of the book are beautifully presented.

The Ultimate Bathroom Book” – Peter Hirsch

Here’s a book with a purpose; the title alone tells you more or less everything you need to know, but what exactly goes in to the ultimate bathroom book? Well, a little bit of everything: the world’s water cycle, bathrooms from around the world, world records (the tallest ever toilet roll tower, the highest ever Jacuzzi), fun facts and tantalising trivia. The book design is colourful and easy to read, with information laid out naturally amongst eye-catching photos and infographics – definitely a bathroom favourite.

1,234 QI Facts to Leave You Speechless” – John Lloyd, James Harkins, John Mitchinson

Did you know that Denmark imports prisoners? That flowers can get suntans? That the Republic of Ireland only acquired postcodes in 2015? This fascinating book contains every strange, unusual, and weird-but-true fact unearthed by the QI elves during the course of their research, compiled for your reading pleasure. The many facts are presented as short entries with every page holding dozens of trivial factoids that will make you think, and are great conversation starters (though your friends and family will likely be more interested in whether or not you washed your hands!)