Business Behind The Scenes – Infographic

Virtually every industry that you can think of will have a role of operations manager within the employee structure.

Although the nature of the work and responsibilities will obviously vary according to the type of industry an operations manager is employed within, they generally play an essential part in ensuring smooth coordination between various departments, as well as ensuring business operations are running according to plan and on schedule.

This infographic takes an interesting look behind the scenes and analyzes what a typical day looks like to an operations manager.

Many people in this particular role will probably start each day by reviewing the performance of the last shift and checking that everything went to plan before setting the agenda for the forthcoming day. There is invariably a lot of planning as well as reviewing when you are an operations manager, and there are numerous components that need to come together and be checked regularly if the current day’s work is going to achieve the same standards.

There are also likely to be a series of meetings throughout the day where an operations manager will liaise with other department heads and maybe consider implementing changes based on how production is progressing and orders are being fulfilled.

The role of many operations managers will often also include the need to maintain third-party relationships, including hiring staff and ensuring compliance with your own operational standards.

There is little doubt that an operations manager will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth running of a business, regardless of the industry it relates to.

Infographic Source: OU MBA Online