How your Business can benefit from using Recorded Signed for Delivery Services


In business, ensuring that your customers receive their parcels on time and in a great condition is really important and pivotal to your success. With so many different delivery services available to choose from it can be tricky. Here’s a recap of the recorded delivery options that are available for your business and how you can benefit from them:

Signed delivery tracking

This gives you assurance that your parcels have arrived to the right person or other business. One of the main perks of a signed delivery tracking service is that it covers your back as a business if something is to happen to the delivery, so that you’re not liable. The signed delivery tracking service means sending important documents is much easier and safer, giving you and your correspondent peace of mind. Being able to track the service online means that if your parcel does go missing at any point, you can identify where it went wrong and step in to try and rectify the problem.

Signed for by you services

For extra reassurance, you can send your business deliveries using a signed for by you service, offered by companies like TNT. This service enables you get proof of exactly when the parcel was delivered and compensation in the event of loss or damage to the parcel.


Using a signed for delivery service can really benefit your business as it helps inspire trust in your company and the services that you offer. Customers that are happy with your service are likely to tell their friends about you, leave good feedback and come back again to use your business over others. Once customers regard you a business they can trust your profits should hopefully rocket and customer base grow.


One of the key benefits that comes with using a recorded signed for delivery service is the speed of which parcels get delivered. Increased speed means that business to business transactions are much quicker, helping you to improve your relationships with other businesses and solidify them, improving your social network and reputation. The speed that parcels arrive at a customer’s home is also important and hugely increases their satisfaction with the services offered by your business.

There are so many reasons  why your business can benefit from using a recorded signed for delivery service that it’s well worth looking into as an alternative to using a standard delivery service

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