Business in Downtown Seoul: 5 Ways to Make Your Next Meeting a Success

There is often a winning formula that you can follow and adapt to your own requirements when you are planning a meeting or conference event.

If you manage to tick the boxes in most of the essential ingredients for success you should be able to enjoy a productive meeting that allows your business and network to grow, and one of those critical components is location.

Here is a look at why Seoul deserves to be considered as a suitable venue for your meeting.

Why choose South Korea?

South Korea is a country going places and nowhere is that more in evidence than the capital city of Seoul.

The region has enjoyed dramatic and impressive growth in recent times and what you get with a modern city like Seoul is the perfect balance between a place that offers you all the convenience and technology you want from a venue combined with an attractive history and tradition that delights visitors.

Accommodation like the Courtyard Seoul Times Square is typical of the standards and amenities you can expect to enjoy when you use the city as your venue for a meeting or conference event.

Everything you want from a venue

South Korea is already considered to be one of the top convention destinations and is one of the leading countries for hosting international events.

It has developed this reputation by investing in infrastructure and creating a modern city that enjoys good transportation links and offers a great variety in terms of suitable venues for any type of business event, either a small meeting with just a few people to a major conference with thousands attending.

South Korea is easily accessible from most major international airports so you can often fly into Seoul from many of the other premier cities around the globe.

Big on IT

To be able to offer a first-class event the host needs to be able to provide a seamless IT infrastructure that won’t let you down.

Seoul is an ultra-modern city that understands the need for super-fast broadband, great WiFi coverage and the tech support you need to be able to conduct a successful meeting.

You will find that many of the convention centres and meeting places offer you all the IT support and facilities that you need.

Great safety record

You want to feel safe and secure in your environment and Seoul boasts an excellent record when it comes to public safety and security.

Business travellers can be assured that they will be able to explore the city and enjoy the nightlife here without feeling that their personal security is at risk.

A traditional charm

In order to become a top business meeting venue, the location needs to be able to offer visitors a great experience beyond the event itself.

Seoul oozes charm and culture, which means that there will be plenty of enjoyable things to see and do with your leisure time once the serious business of the day is done with.

If you are looking for a unique and top-class international meeting destination Seoul definitely fits the bill.