Why Businesses are Getting Customers to use more Contactless Payments in 2016

The rise and rise of contactless payments are making it easier to make purchases than ever before. Now with the quick tap of your card you can pay for things up to the value of £30, meaning that buying items on your card is now even simpler. So many businesses now accept contactless payments, with them being used for over 1 billon transactions last year, it’s no wonder businesses are getting customers to use the transaction more, here’s why:



People love convenience and the easier it is for people to pay for things, the more likely they are to spend money. If being able to spend is made easier than ever, it’s highly likely that people will   make purchases. Business are encouraging people to use contactless payments because it’s so easy it means that people are encouraged to buy more. Freely and easily. Bars, cafes, shops and fast food chains can really increase their profits by introducing the contactless systems which are available at Card Cutters.


One of the huge benefits of using contactless payments is how much faster it makes the process of handling transactions.  Shops which experience large queues can benefit so much more from encouraging customers to use contactless payments as it halves queue sizes, meaning that more people make purchases as they’re less put off by getting in big queues. It’s also really beneficial for places like cafes and restaurants who experience peak periods of the day when they’re really busy and getting through as many customers as possible in that time is important as competition is rife and people often leave and go elsewhere after seeing a large queue.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and sat outside in an area surrounded by those café barriers which have signage on them advertising the place you are in? Then you decide you have finished and ask for the bill. Fingers crossed that the waiter goes and gets the electronic payment processor because that queue at the register for cash payments is going to be annoying. We really shouldn’t allow little things like that to get under our skin should we?

Growing limit

When contactless technology was first introduced the limit that could be spent on a contactless card was £20, this has since been increased to £30 in 2015, making contactless an option for a wider variety of business. It’s highly likely that as its popularity increases this limit could be increased even further to allow for larger transactions to be made using the technology.

It makes sense for business to encourage people to pay using contactless to speed up processes and to encourage people to make spur of the moment purchases. The beauty of contactless is that it’s such a seamless transaction, there’s much less time for consumers to debate whether or not they’re going to make a payment or not.