Casino Retreat – Effective Team-Building with a Twist

If you’ve read my story from being stuck in a situation where working in my business had me feeling like I’m in a rut to living out my life (up to so far) as a blogger, amongst other things, you’ll be aware of the fact that blogging in itself is a full-time thing and so one must find a way to blog about the things they do in their daily lives, particularly those which they do to generate their income. That’s certainly the case if you want to maintain the inspiration to blog and while deriving any form of income from the blog can take a bit of a while, sometimes it’s about what you do in your daily life to generate that income as opposed to relying on the blog itself to generate an income.


In my specific case I was contacted through my blog by a growing company which wanted me to run a team-building exercise for them — a team-building exercise with a difference and naturally I relished the opportunity to kick-start that portion of my business which provides team-building services! This was a direction I never intended to pursue from the onset or one which I was even aware I had the capacity to do, but that is indeed how we learn and how we discover some the best opportunities. Isn’t it?

Casino Retreat

I knew I was just made for this stuff when my eureka-moment came very shortly after the mandate hit my inbox. The all important twist was to be a casino retreat which would effectively force all the new team members to interact with each other, so I immediately sent all the would-be participants a link to prepare for the retreat by learning the basics of how to play free slots, no download. To the newly-appointed employees (and some of the older ones whose team the new ones were joining) this was a rather alarming request, but the management of the company was impressed from the get-go, citing the positive effect a group gambling retreat would actually have on building a team of work colleagues.

Phase One – Visiting a Physical Casino


In between all the fun of having the whole team visit a casino resort, I had everyone hit one roulette table with the mandate of the group as a whole walking away with more money than what they came with (funded by the company, of course). Lots of lessons in team work, planning and strategising were learnt, needless to say, but more importantly, everybody got to interact with each other for a common goal.

Phase Two – Group Online Gaming

The lessons learned from the roulette group gaming exercise had to be carried over into a couple of online gaming sessions. The mandate and principles stayed the same, with the only difference being that they each had to click at this site individually and strategically try their luck with the money they’d each been allocated, but again, the common goal was to interact with each other so that the “company” represented by each of them walked away with a net gain.