Check out These Unusual Ways to Save Money

Sometimes methods of saving money are so unconventional, they slip under a person’s radar, or just cannot be categorized. So, we would like to take the time to present to you some ways to save money that might not seem like the usual methods for financial frugality. Use one or all of these, it’s up to you. The one criterion we are presenting these with, is that they do not take an extraordinary effort to implement. Any of these can be utilized by any of you without too much hassle. So, let’s begin”

Cut the Cable Cord

Do you have internet? Of course, you do, how else would you be reading this (unless a friend printed this out for you, in which case, it might be a good idea to look into internet, especially if you have cable TV). The average cable television bill is now up over $100 per month. That’s $1,200 a year. If you eliminated your cable bill, you could have great services like Netflix or Amazon Prime (which offers a lot of extra benefits like music service and free two-day shipping) for about $200 a year. Yes, that’s for both services. Who doesn’t want to save a thousand dollars a year? And with new services like ‘Sling TV’ you can still get cable packages with sports and local channels for $25-$35 a month. We don’t have to tell you how that’s better than $100 a month, right? These services require an internet connection, but as we’ve established, chances are you already have that.

Make Money from Your Hobby

What do you like to do as a hobby? Do you make crafts or build things? See websites like eBay and Etsy for ideas on how to turn your craft hobby into some quick cash near you. Don’t do crafts or carpentry? Take a look at some website in where you can sell your photography, or write about your hobby as a blog and link to coupon websites that correspond to what you’re writing about. For instance, if you enjoy traveling, even if it’s local road trips, write about your experiences and make some recommendations to other either from out of town, or your neighbors who are looking for alternatives to their usual vacations.

Investigate and find out if there are special deals you can pass along and if you generate enough traffic, advertisers will want to pay you for your efforts. Make amateur films? YouTube offers monetization of your uploaded stuff provided there’s an interest for it. Are you the educational hobbyist type? Do you enjoy math, or biology? Have you considered hiring yourself out as a tutor? You see what we’re getting at. Take a look at something you enjoy doing with your leisure time and investigate whether there might be a little extra income to be had.

Make Money from Your Hobby

Speaking of the above-mentioned hobbies, do you make furniture or clothing? No? It’s actually not a difficult thing to learn how to make clothes, and who knows, you might be a natural at it. A good sewing machine costs about $50, and there are tons of resources online (try YouTube for instance) on how to make your own clothes from patterns or original designs. Of course, this fits in with the ‘make money from your hobby’ category, but you can save quite a bit of money when you make your own clothes.

And for that matter, there are tutorials on just about everything from making your own household cleaning products to doing your own home repairs and saving a lot on contractor fees. Here’s an example: maybe your hot water heater is old and breaking down, or leaking. You need a new one but the real expense comes when you hire someone to install it. Take a look at a few tutorials on how to install your own water heater and gage for yourself whether or not you’re capable of getting it done. Even if it goes wrong, then the worst that happens is you pay someone to install it, but think of how much you will save if it turns out to be a success!

Trade in the Paper Products for Cloth

Make a bunch of napkins from old towels or old clothes by cutting them into napkin shapes. Use rags instead of paper towels. Washing these things and reusing them is far less expensive than constantly buying disposable paper products at the store.

Flush Less

OK, so the low flow toilets are expensive. We understand, but for those on water meters, there can be a real need to use less water per month. Try this: Get a plastic jug and fill it with sand, place it in the back of your toilet tank. You can also use large rocks if you are careful and wash them off first (so any dirt won’t clog your lines). This will displace water in your tank and use less every time you flush. In some cases, you can save up to 20 gallons a day for a family of four. That’s 500 gallons a month!

Roast Your Own Coffee

OK so you’ve given up on that $4 latte but you’re still a java junkie and there is no store brand that meets your exacting standards. Have you thought about roasting your own? Try these ideas. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble on a method to create your own proprietary blend and be the next coffee shop millionaire? It could happen.