A city that begs to be seen and admired

A city that begs to be seen and admired, Edinburgh, has a way of its own. Everything about it: from narrow lanes to vaults, urban villages and Old Town secrets, great food, a rich variety of shops and an extraordinary history is enough to excite any back packer to pick up their bags and go on a tour.

E from Carlton Hill

But to see all that and more, one needs a proper way of getting around!

Among the most popular modes of transportation in Edinburgh are taxis and private hire vehicles (commonly known as minicabs).

The taxi fleet in Edinburgh comes with the option to ply for hire; meaning, it can be hailed from the streets or through a taxi rank. All these cars are usually black in colour and have a distinctive shape shape, and run on taxi meters. They have a little yellow light above the taxi’s windscreen which when on, indicates they are available to be hailed. Black cabs can easily be flagged down from the street and also come with wheel chair accommodation to transport passengers with disabilities.

The 5 most popular taxi firms in Edinburgh:

  1. Central Taxis
  2. Edinburgh Taxis
  3. City Cabs 
  4. Capital Cars
  5. Comcab Edinburgh

On the other hand, private hires or minicabs in Edinburgh have to be pre-booked for a fixed fare and cannot be hailed from the street.

They have fixed fares which can easily be calculated and booked from taxi fare calculator websites and mobile apps before getting into one.

What are taxi fare calculators?

Taxi fare calculator services offer the ability to find out how much they will be charged from one place to another when taking a taxi ride. For example, let’s say a person plans on hiring a cab home from the airport. But before they get into one, they can easily find out the route and time it will take them to reach their destination and get a range of quotes which they can then book.

Well known taxi fare calculator websites:

  1. Taxi Fare Finder
  2. Numbeo
  3. World Taximeter
  4. Minicabit
  5. Ubicabs

How do they work?

If you are using any of the above mentioned websites , let’s say Minicabit, all you have to do is simply enter your pickup and destined location and hit enter. The website will enlist the detailed information about the route, the duration of time it will require you to get there, and of course, the fares minicab companies will charge you for it.

The benefits:

They save you time: If you are a traveller and have toured many other countries, you will find the UK to be the most efficient when it comes to cabs. Once you have the information you require about the route and estimated fare, you free yourself from all the bargaining you have to do when in other countries.