Why Does Your Conference Need its Own Wi-Fi?

Organising a Wi-Fi network is one of the key things that you need to take care of if you want your conference to be a success. If you think the added expense and effort isn’t worth it, consider these benefits.


It Helps People to Network

Conferences might be ostensibly about sharing ideas and listening to the thoughts of leading minds, but many people will be attending with networking as their central goal. In the digital age, a stable Wi-Fi connection is absolutely crucial for this to occur. If you need to connect with someone, you can just whip out your phone and add them on LinkedIn.

Being able to access the internet also lets you show your ideas and your business. If you’re talking to someone important whose advice you value, it’s great to be able to show them your website to give them an idea of what business is all about.

Attendees Can Market Your Event for You

When you choose to provide your own conference Wi-Fi network, you get to control its speed and the amount of data that can be used. That’s good, because you want everyone who attends to be able to do the marketing work for you.

Are people going to be live-blogging the event or covering each talk on Twitter? Is someone going to live-stream one of the speakers? If so, you’re be given valuable publicity without ever having to have done a thing, but you will need to make sure that the internet is good enough for these activities.

Speakers Can Take Full Advantage of the Web

The people who live-blog, live-stream, or tweet about each talk aren’t the only ones who will need to use the internet. It’s entirely possible that your speakers will need their own stable connection to the web.

This will allow them to stream video or music, and they can even bring in another speaker remotely using a video call. Of course, they might just have forgotten their notes and need to access the cloud in order to find them. No matter what, they’ll require a reliable internet connection.

Ultimately, your conference is only going to appear professional if people are able to access a Wi-Fi network. For more information on making this happen, contact a local, or national, it support company who specialise in event Wi-Fi to explain the process and what you need to know.