How to Cut Costs This Winter

Winter is traditionally one of the most expensive times of the year for all manner of different reasons. The temperature drops outside, leading to increasing heating bills and the buying of new clothes, while there’s the excessiveness and overspending of Christmas at the heart of things. It can be hard to continue making savings in the cold months due to these and many more reasons, with financial help from TrustTwo one solution if you’re struggling. However, there are several ways to cut costs this winter.


Look After Your Car

Your car will come under a lot of added stress as the colder weather sets in. Along with the trials and tribulations of driving on wet and icy roads, the frost and temperatures that drop below zero can lead to increasing and costly engine trouble. If you have a garage then keeping your vehicle in here over winter is best, to keep it protected from the elements. Ensure your car gets driven at least weekly, to prevent the battery going flat, and that the tyres are properly inflated, as this usually lowers when temperatures drop.

Reduce Heating Costs

The main increasing costs that affect finances over winter are property heating bills. There are many ways to reduce these, from simply wearing an extra layer to keeping blinds and curtains shut unless the sun is shining through windows. In advance of winter, many actions can be taken to reduce fuel costs, such as adding more insulation to homes and workplaces, or switching to propane heaters (see propane conversion facts for more information).

Shop Smart

Another large expense that affects many people over winter is the costs associated with buying Christmas presents. It is important to budget efficiently before shopping, by making savings early on in preparation. There are a few shops that offer discounts, Christmas loyalty cards and stamps, while using certain cashback credit cards can get you 5% off all shopping when used effectively. Or look for specific discount days to nab the best bargains going.

Decorate Affordably

Christmas decorations can be some of the least cost-effective purchases over winter, as they only get used for a couple of weeks each year. Retaining your old ones is a good idea, along with purchasing some energy efficient options to cut back on energy costs. Seek out LED lights or replace old, worn out ones with these types of bulb. If you have children then getting them to create homemade ones for inside can be a fun and cost-saving activity too.

DIY to Save

When it comes to practical ways to save energy in the home, there’s no better way than doing it yourself and making small changes to add up to big savings. have created a great guide with all the best ways to make sure your energy bills are kept as low as possible with their practical tips to reduce your house bills. From filling small holes to washing your clothes efficiently, there’s plenty of steps which are easy to do and with great benefits to the cost of your utility bills.