Data Security on the Internet


Have you ever wondered just how safe your data is on the internet? If a group like ‘Anonymous’ can hack a terrorist organisation and Donald Trump’s businesses, then regardless of what security system you install, nothing is really safe, is it? The only saving grace we have as ordinary people is just that – we are ordinary people and you hope nobody is really interested in what we do.

Your Info

There is so much sensitive information sitting on servers that belong to banks, government departments and online shops that it’s a wonder that ‘Anonymous? Can actually stay anonymous. There has been a cyber war waging between China and the USA for a few years now and somehow the brilliance of the hackers from both countries find ways to access government departments from both countries. It’s really insane.

Cyber Crime


We read about Russian hackers accessing then distributing the financial details, include credit card numbers, of more than 3 million individuals across the globe. How do they do that? Sure they get found out…after they commit the crime. The way of the future is cyber crime. Nobody gets shot or injured or kidnapped, you just get some data stolen and lose your money or your identity. Scary stuff indeed. Do you have any idea of how many sites you have sent your credit card details, licence and passport scans and address and telephone number to? Me either.


Online gambling is another area that probably needs looking into. At last estimates about 70 million people worldwide gamble online. Whether it’s bingo, horse racing, poker sites or a casino people love to have a punt in some form or another. The turnover on these sites is said to be in the vicinity of $135 billion. A reasonable amount of money for sure.

Data Security Rules

data security

To be registered on these sites to gamble, they usually ask for a few types of identification. All this sensitive information needs to be secure and it’s comforting to know that a few sites, like, have set up almost impenetrable security to maintain the privacy of their members. There is no doubt that gambling companies hold a large amount of sensitive data and they should be doing everything within their power to make sure that they observe the rights of individuals in deleting that personal information that is no longer required.

Many people enjoy playing online games like Texas Hold’em Poker and at times, sites have up to 50,000 players online. There is a choice of playing for real money or play money. The latter is safer but it didn’t take long for gambling companies to realise that money could be made from offering play money games. They merely asked you to pay for the play money.

There’s no need to get out of your pyjamas and slippers to get dressed and wander down to the casino anymore. Our stay at home mentality and way of life allow us to enjoy the thrill of the punt while sitting at home in our lounge rooms.