A house full of bugs is a real nightmare, can you imagine living with all those tiny creatures that may bite you, drink your blood, ruin your ventilation or contaminate your food?! Sounds awful! But think about the other type of a ‘bug’ – as small and pesky as the horrible animals mentioned above but that can also cause even more damage in your life… what do I have in mind? Listening bugs – tiny electrical objects that can discreetly be placed almost anywhere and might steal your deepest, personal and work-related secrets

Who may fall prey?

Nobody should feel safe from these smart creatures. A listening device can be planted to people living in the spotlight like politicians, celebrities and owners of worldwide companies, but also common people who have knowledge about certain things or partners who are suspected of not being loyal. It has to be emphasised that, due to the fact that they are easily available and considerably cheap, everyone can become the target of eavesdropping activities.

When to be worried?

There may be plenty of reasons why someone wants to eavesdrop you, such as taking over your company, steal a new and promising project, sell confidential data to competition, catch you red-handed with your lover or get to know your plans for vacations to break into your house when you are away.

What should alert you? People knowing things that you are sure you have not told them, unusual gifts from your business partners like watches, pen drives, pens – modern listening devices can be super small and camouflaged in literally every object you can think of. People suddenly visiting your premises to install or repair something (they may secretly also install a bug).

How to protect oneself?

Is there a way to check whether you are infested? Sure! And there is no need to turn to expensive professional services, as you can simply get a device for bug detection that will protect your workplace and home and let you know, if a listening device is to be found there.

If you do not have technical skills and are looking for something user-friendly and effective, try the bugs detectors that track data transmission using radio frequency and scan an area in the 10-metre radius. They are small, discreet and accurate. Their only minus is that they are not able to detect listening devices that store material in their internal memory, as these do not use radio waves.

If you are looking for something technologically advanced, you also will not be disappointed, as professional bug detectors can additionally find wireless video cameras and mobile phones, because they detect not only analogue signals but also digital ones.

What are the warnings?

Once a listening device is detected, a bug detector signalises this through a flashing diode or vibrations. If you need to be discreet, the vibration option is better, as you can keep the device in your pocket and just wander around, without raising any suspicions.

Bug detectors are efficient, affordable and handy tools to protect your privacy when you are suspecting that someone may be interfering your private or professional life without your consent. Click for more information on the topic of bug detection.

Don’t let your eavesdroppers be snug as a bug in your rug!