Dmitry Mazepin’s holding company tests fertilizers in Europe

URALCHEM JSC has started testing the fertilizers it manufactures on the territory of Europe. The geography of this project widened considerably in 2019 comprising the following participants: Poland, Serbia, Lithuania, Spain and Latvia.

URALCHEM has long been known as the leading CIS fertilizers manufacturer. According to its founder, Dmitry Mazepin, the enterprise’s competitive advantage has been the development of innovative, tailor-made fertilizers, best suitable for particular countries and their market segments.

The countries diversity, climate differences and other characteristics were taken into account, therefore, specific plants are being used by each country to test the efficiency of the fertilizers: Latvia chose winter wheat while Lithuania’s choice was spring wheat; Spain is using tomatoes, whereas Poland preferred to cultivate potatoes; Serbia’s test crop is maize. The choices depended mainly on the previous cultivation experience, that is how much of these crops had actually been cultivated in the lands of Europe. Dmitry Mazepin ensured that whether it is fertilizers’ production and supplying or testing, URALCHEM is acting in accordance with its chosen strategy, which presupposes “market tailored products”.

Careful consideration has been given to what institutions should carry out the experiments. Dmitry Mazepin chose to collaborate with only top research centres in the territories in question are conducting the tests.

Dmitry Mazepin’s URALCHEM is carrying out the tests with the help of the chemicals which the plant manufactures. Thus, for example, the sulphonitrate NS 30:7, which fosters the harvest, and a line of substances widely known under the name of Solar NPK micro with microelements are being applied. These fertilizers were designed for helping the trees’ foliage survive challeging steps of development, reduce the adverse effects cause by after pesticides and chemical procedures. “Insignificant lack of nutrition can also be minimized and eliminated in the process”, report Dmitry Mazepin’s team.

Agronomic Support Department of URALCHEM:

“The market of Sulphur-containing substances for the foliage application is plummeting in the European countries. There is a necessity to organize massive tests which enable to demonstrate significant efficiency of these fertilizing substances to the end clients”, says Ksenia Belousova, Head of URALCHEM’s Agronomic Support Department.

Besides the exceptional efficiency of the fertilizers, Dmitriy Mazepin points out the highest international standards which URALCHEM complies with when it comes to both resource management and environmental safety.

Overall, there has been used between 4 and 8 fertilizers on the territories of the five participating countries mentioned. The final outcome of the experiment initiated by URALCHEM is to be presented in a thorough detailed scientific report, indicating the figures received from laboratory and field tests. The statistical data and relevant conclusions are estimated to be finalized by the beginning of 2020.