Don’t Force Employee Engagement – Use HR Tech

A brand can be revolutionary. A brand can be high in-demand and well-designed. A brand can be flawless. However, if the people behind the brand aren’t engaged, the brand will fail. Productivity falters when employee engagement is minimal. Conversely, highly engaged organisations are twice as likely to succeed compared to their disengaged counterparts. Using HR technology to improve employee engagement is no new practice, but have you known the top three of them?  

  1. Slack

In the age of emoticons and instant gratification in the form of “likes” and notifications, it’s a no-brainer that employees will respond to tech that complies with this trend. Slack is an instant messaging platform with different channels in which your employees can interact in real time. Reactions with emojis and GIFs are possible, as well, making team communication easygoing. This has several benefits, but here are a few of the most prominent:

  • Quicker decisions
  • Notifications of important information as it is happening, allowing for quicker responses
  • Encourages communication between all levels of employees and management
  • In turn, more genuine feedback is received
  1. Trello

Similarly, Trello is a modernised form of an office to-do list. Able to be shared with everyone on the team, Trello boards allow for organisation of tasks in an aesthetically-pleasing fashion. It’s user-friendliness allows everyone to use it seamlessly. It also enhances productivity, because it makes for an easy reference point of what tasks are left to be done. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of implementing Trello into your HR strategy:

  • Increases accountability with tangible evidence of completed (or incomplete) tasks
  • Allows everyone on the team to participate, boosting morale and camaraderie
  • Can be used as a quick-reference FAQ for HR questions and answers, saving everyone time and effort
  1. ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

In order to have a collaborative team, you have to work on hiring the right people in the first place. Hiring strategies need to be constantly optimised in order to see positive results, because hiring needs are going to change dependent on a variety of factors, such as budget, open roles, unconscious biases, etc. Get everyone involved in the hiring process so that the ideal hire characteristics can be pinned down more accurately and easily. Collaborative hiring is essential to finding qualified hires that will mesh with the existing work environment and, therefore, enhance productivity rather than thwart it. Here are some examples of ATS features that benefit a team hiring effort:

Sourcing Extension: A solid ATS should come with a sourcing tool that autofills potential talent data into the platform. This has its perks for HR, because it allows for:

Careers site: Along with sourcing candidates for positions, your team needs to be accurately represented online to active and passive job seekers. An ATS should also come with an easy-to-use, modern-looking careers site builder. With this, you can:

  • Add team photos and videos, increasing satisfaction with the work environment and experience
  • Showcase company values and goals
  • Filter out applicants that don’t jive with the employer brand
  • Save time and effort trying to pick out candidates that may or may not be engaged employees

Team notes: Just as you would keep all of your candidate data in one place with your ATS, team notes allow for important information to be documented. Tidbits about candidates can be lost along the way, but if there is a dedicated space to hold them, it makes hiring decisions that much easier. The ATS that you choose should come with complimentary unlimited team members that can use the platform. Ideally, team members should be able to be assigned roles in the hiring process and able to view the critical information they need to help out. Here are a few benefits of involving the whole team using your ATS:

  • Increased sense of involvement and inclusiveness, an innate human need
  • More eyes on the details, so less hiring mistakes
  • Less chance of biases swaying the hiring decision

Build It, and They will Come

With genuine intentions and efforts to make the work environment a positive one, employee engagement will fall into place naturally. Of course, hiring the right individuals that will care about the company’s goals is the first step. Collaborate with the whole team, using the right tech to streamline the process and allow for easier participation. Don’t force your employees to do anything, even if the team outing to play mini-golf seems super fun to you. This will make it seem less appealing than anything else. Let the conversation flow freely in tech-based spaces. Implementing these tech solutions may take some time for employees to get used to, so introduce it early on, and collaborate your heart out!

Author bio:

Perry Oostdam is the co-founder and CEO of Recruitee, a collaborative hiring platform for teams of all sizes. Recruitee helps optimize the entire hiring process, from candidate relationship management, employer branding, and job posting to candidate sourcing and applicant tracking. The company has offices and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Poznań, Poland and works with companies around the world.