Ensuring Customer Comfort: Top Tips Conducting Business Outdoors

Everyone loves to be outdoors. The sunshine and fresh air are mood-lifters, leaving you feeling energized and cheerful. But the trick to outdoor comfort is to eliminate anything that can ruin that good mood. Here are some ideas for making your outdoor business space more comfortable for your customers.

Check the temp

As the mercury begins to rise, you need to ensure you have a large industrial fan set up to keep your customers cool. Whether they are walking around, browsing through your inventory or sitting at a table enjoying a cool drink, your customers will be much more comfortable with a fan moving the air around. Just ensure it doesn’t make too much noise, and don’t set it high enough that it ruffles your customers’ hair and makes them feel like they are sitting in a gale force wind. In cooler months, you don’t necessarily have to move your business inside. You can install portable standing heaters for your patio, deck or other outdoor business space.

Up your sun protection factor

Not only is it extremely difficult to see properly with the sun in your eyes, it is also bad for your health over an extended period of time. Most customers heading to an outdoor patio will seek out the tables with umbrellas over them. Why not shade the entire area to keep everyone happy? Try this site for information on how you can strategically shade your outdoor space. You might find your shade sail also protects your guests from light rain and wind gusts.

Don’t bug me

Every season seems to bring a different crop of bugs to our outdoor living and working spaces. Before your customers arrive each day, do a quick sweep of the patio or deck to see if there are any pests that need to be eliminated. Keep an eye open for wasp nests, bee hives, and ant hills. You may have to take steps to either move or get rid of these if they prove to be a problem for your clientele. You can deter the critters from setting up their homes near your business in the first place, with a few simple tricks. Spray the area daily with a natural lemon citronella, or light citronella candles around the perimeter. Fill a sandwich baggie halfway with water and place a few coins inside. Hang these bags from the edge of your roof, and you will find they keep flies and other insects to a minimum. You can also invest in some bug zappers that are decorative and discreet. Just make sure they are safe to use near your customers.

Setting up a comfortable outdoor environment for your customers to enjoy can be a lot of work but once you have done it, you should be set up for the season. Keeping things tidy, sheltered and comfortable can mean a bit of a financial commitment as well, but the return on investment will be totally worth it.