Essential Items to Pack for the Holidays

Whether you are traveling two or twenty hours away for your next holiday vacation, how you pack will make a difference to the quality of the trip. Many individuals spend a lot of time planning where to go and what to do, but not so much about the things they will need once they get to their destination. The Click Pharmacy is stocked with a lot of the items you will need to pack in your luggage.


Below we share a few essentials, which are usually overlooked, to include when packing for your next vacay.

Power Strip

In this high technology age, there is no doubt that you will be traveling with your phone and many other electronic devices. You can expect that others will be doing the same, so make sure to pack your power strip. This can come in handy where there is a shortage of power outlets like in an airport or hotel room. While it’s a small item, you’d be surprised how much power strip can come in handy when you have multiple devices and suddenly find yourself in a space that only has one or two wall outlets.

Duct Tape

This may seem like a strange item to pack. However, it is a great thing to have especially if you experience exploding luggage and need to secure your property without having to go out and buy an expensive bag in the airport. After all, you can use it on anything from electrical products to suitcases and luggage.

Travel Mug

No, you are not taking a vacation to the office. However, travel mugs have tough exteriors and so are great to carry fragile items. You can put sunglasses and other delicate items in the mug to prevent damage during travel. Of course, travel mugs are also great for carrying something else — coffee!

Moist Towelettes

These essential items are not just for travelers with babies and small kids. Moist towelettes can also come in handy as it relates to cleaning table tops or cleansing your hand if a bathroom is not readily available at the time.

Travel Bottles

If traveling by air, you know that there are several restrictions about taking liquid onto the plane. Some people try just to avoid carrying liquid, but depending on the length of your flight there are certain things that you might need. It’s nice to pack travel bottles to use for this purpose as you can use them to hold all sorts of liquid products.

Extra Bag

Vacation is about relaxation, but sometimes you will get to do some shopping. When this happens, you want to make sure there is an extra bag to pack what you brought on the vacation, plus all the other great stuff you got in the souvenir shop.


It goes without saying that you will pack your prescribed medication. However, also it is good to pack painkillers and other over the counter drugs that you may need while on vacation. This is particularly important if you are traveling to a different country which may or may not carry the brand of the medication that you will need.

Other Essentials – Sexual Supplements

Let’s not forget that one’s sexual health is just as important as the other aspects of life. Hence, when travelling, don’t forget to pack your sexual supplements. This includes prescription medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and the like.

In addition to the above, remember to pack adequate clothing, shoes, underwear, and accessories. If you are vacationing in another country, buying clothes may turn out to be an expensive venture, so it is best to plan the clothes you will need for your holiday strip. You should add your travel and any health insurance documentation to your bag. Holidays are fun, but peace of mind comes with efficient packing and planning.