Everything you need to know about the Little Human Appeal project

For over 25 years, Human Appeal has been providing life-saving humanitarian aid all over the world, helping to put an end to the suffering of millions of vulnerable men, women and children in war-torn and poverty-stricken countries.

The charity currently runs a number of different projects across the globe – including its Little Human Appeal campaign. To learn more about this particular project and how you can get involved, keep reading.

A harsh reality

It’s difficult for most of us to imagine what it’s like growing up as an orphan. Sadly, this is the harsh reality for too many children. In developing countries around the world, there are around 200 million orphans.

Widowed mothers are put under extreme stress and pressure to earn an income, sometimes having to leave their little ones unsupervised for hours or even days to make ends meet.

A lot of children are being stripped of a happy, normal childhood, with many dropping out of education at an early age to help earn money for their families. Many more face exploitation, malnutrition, disease and abuse.

A happy, healthy life

Human Appeal believes that every child has the right to a happy, healthy life. The Little Human Appeal campaign sets out to provide little ones with the childhood and bright future that they deserve.

This project aims to assist thousands of orphans around the globe who have been affected by war, natural disaster and poverty. It works to ensure that these children are safe, secure and have the support they need.

The charity currently sponsors orphans in a number of countries, including Pakistan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Macedonia, Eritrea, Palestine, Tanzania and Bangladesh. It aims to reach out to thousands more children as the project continues.
Sponsor a child

In order for the Little Human Appeal project to succeed, the charity needs your help. You can make a difference by signing up to support a child via a one-to-one sponsorship. You’ll become a part of the Little Human Appeal family, receiving regular updates and information about your child’s progress.

For just £25 a month, you can help pay towards providing vulnerable children with an education, food to eat, life-saving medicine and warm clothing. Your contribution could significantly improve the life of a child.

To learn more about Human Appeal, the Little Human Appeal campaign and how you can do your bit to help, you can visit www.humanappeal.org.uk.