Fancy Being a Croupier? Here’s What It Takes

Becoming a casino croupier (a dealer) is one of the most sought after careers, in fact – in December 2016 over 1,000 people applied to train as a croupier for a Leeds casino. However, the amount of extensive education and training that’s required to earn and succeed within this position might surprise you. Dreaming of working behind those iconic green tables? Check out our ultimate guide on the essentials for being one of the next casino croupiers.

Are Qualifications Required?

Although no formal qualifications are currently required in the UK for becoming a croupier, all trainee and existing croupiers require a Personal Functional Licence (PFL) to work in each particular casino; this is issued by the UK Gambling Commission. In addition to the PFL, a standard criminal record check (CRB), a National Insurance Number and a table test after training are also required.

What Personal Conditions & Qualities do I Need?

The specific conditions of entry for a croupier training course are:

– 18 years old or over.

– A clean criminal record.

– A good overall appearance.

– Reasonably strong mental arithmetic’s level.

– Standard colour perception.

– A degree of manual dexterity.

– Motivated at all times (during and after training).

– Effective team member.

What’s the Training Like?   

The overall duration of your training course will depend on where you enrol – the Cerus Casino Academy (CCA) involves an eight week course that runs from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 9pm, this training is practice based and involves regular use of Roulette wheels, card tables etc under the guidance of experienced casino trainers; meaning you’ll be learning in an environment that’s virtually identical to a real casino. Once the end of your course is in sight, you will be provided guidance on formulating a C.V and coaching to increase your career prospects. THE CCA course also guarantees you a job as a croupier after completing your training through their partnerships.

The training will provide you with everything required for becoming a croupier, including:

– The rules and etiquette of classic casino games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Three card poker and Text Hold-em.

– How to collect and pay bets from customers.

– How to open and close the tables at the beginning and end of games.

– Development of mental calculation skills and manual dexterity that’s essential to running each game effectively and efficiently.

– The regulations or legal framework which govern the gaming industry.

– Player psychology and the superstitious that influence their behaviour.

Is Training Free?

Inevitably, training as a croupier isn’t free and requires a fee. CCA provides two payment options:

Option 1 – Pay the training fees – £2700 in full to receive a £200 discount; meaning the total price will amount to £2500. This option also requires a £500 deposit to be paid twenty one days before the start of a course followed by a £2000 on the first day of training.

Option 2 – Payment via instalments for UK based British trainees. This requires a £500 deposit to be paid twenty one days before the course commences; followed by a £1000 payment on the first day of training and by twelve monthly £100 instalments beginning the month following the end of the course. With this approach, the course fees total £2700. 

What will my Salary be?

Once your training is complete and a work placement has been located, your starting salary will range within the region of £16,000-£20,000 per year plus tips for a London casino; whereas the full-time salary for UK provincial casinos ranges within £12,000 – £16,000 per annum. As your experience flourishes, your salary will increase in tangent with opportunities for promotion such as an ‘Inspector’, where you oversee other croupiers also available.

What’s can I Expect?

Casino croupiers typically work a 35 hour week consisting of shifts from 2pm-10pm and 10pm-6am; including weekends and bank holidays. Sometimes it is necessary to work after 6am to assist in counting the night’s takings. High standards of dress and grooming are expected with most casinos providing suitable attire for their staff. The environment is inevitably busy and noisy, but your surroundings are certainly luxurious and comfortable.