Fast Broadband Is Your Right (And A Business Essential Too!)

You have a flourishing business, a dedicated staff and an office that could be the envy of your peers. However, even after all this, you just can’t seem to increase productivity and make your business grow faster. You have tried everything you could- from buying expensive productivity software to hours of business consulting. But nothing seems to work.

The reason is hidden in plain sight. Do you want to know what it is?

It’s your broadband!

Paying for a slow broadband connection is considered a sin in a modern, connected office. It will not only make work more difficult but consistent lags will also lower productivity. Don’t be satisfied with the regular slow connections and shift to a high speed leased line instead.

Here are some advantages of getting high-speed internet connectivity at your office.

No lags

There will be no lags in the applications you use. Websites will load faster, and you will be able to connect quickly to communication software, web-based applications and more. For example, applications like Skype which are used for live conferences and video calls will now work seamlessly. Many business executives get embarrassed because they talk to their clients and potential customers on Skype with slow connections. This leads to consistent lags and ruins the possibility of creating a good impression.

Better privacy and security

Hackers find it easy to infiltrate into networks that are slow and lag constantly. Your business data could be at risk when you are working with slower connections. Most modern security networks demand a fast internet connection to detect security threats with ease. Such software also demands sufficient processing speed and storage which is impossible on an outdated and slow network. If you want to be able to run the most recent diagnostic applications, you should get a high speed leased line from trusted service providers like TalkTalk Business.

Better document storage

Have you ever had problems in uploading, storing or downloading documents from the intranet or from your company’s cloud? If the network connection speed is slow, you will have a hard time transferring documents between two systems. You could save a precious few minutes of your time every day by opting for a leased line that offers better speeds. This is crucial at peak times when several people attempt to connect to the intranet or the cloud.

Reliable communication

If people in your company find it easier to communicate near the coffee machine than the company’s own communication network, there is something seriously wrong with your system. Switch to a leased line to get reliable communication flow easily through your company’s hierarchy.

Just adopting a dedicated leased line for your business will enhance your productivity manifold. From communication to security, all aspects of your business will become more efficient. Don’t wait anymore. In a connected world, where cloud computing and big data are quickly replacing older technology, you need to stay on top of your game with a high speed leased internet connection.