How to Find Right Domain Name for Business

Finding the right domain name for your business isn’t as easy as it sounds. You probably want something with your business name in it, and perhaps your location, unless those words are so long as to create an awkward domain name. 

Additionally, you’ll want to avoid letters that can easily be misread, such as a series of the letters “I” and “L”. Many people will see your URL through printed material, but it’s best to choose a name that can easily be pronounced and not mishead.

Once you’ve picked a few domains, run them by your business partners. Friends and family can offer insight. Perhaps a domain is confusing or easily misheard. Narrow you list down to the winner, then get ready to register it.

You should also considering registering domain names that are similar to your own. This include names using different TLDs. So if you register, you might also want to register This eases confusion, but can also help ensure that your clients get to your site even if they don’t remember the website address correctly.

Similarly, look for common typos and consider purchasing those domains. Both of these methods of domain name registration offer the added benefit of scooping similar-enough names from the market, so your competition can’t buy the domains, set up a website and steal customers who intended to use your services. Instead, you’ll own those domains and forward them to your main website.

There are a few things of note when it comes to domain name registration.

1. You’ll save money if you register for more than one year at a time.
2. Most registars offer hosting services and vice versa. It can be useful, not to mention easier, to get your website hosting and domain name from the same place, but it’s not a requirement.
3. It can take up to 36 hours for your website to finally appear once you’ve purchased the domain and hosting, and some people might see your new website before others.
4. If you forget to renew your domain name when it’s about to expire, it can become quite costly to keep it. While it costs less than $15 to register most domains, expired names can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to keep.

It might take a while to get your website up. A custom “Coming Soon” sign on your website ensures visitors they’ve reached the right place. Set up a contact form that goes to your domain email address, which is a must for branding. You can easily check your email from any device and even Gmail using POP forwarding, but you should have at least one email account hosted by your domain.