Finding Opportunity in Any Niche and Market

In this day and age and with every industry interlinked with the other, there’s pretty much no excuse for the skilled go-getter to not find some sort of opportunity in just about any niche market. In fact, in many instances you don’t have to be all that skilled at all. A hunger for success can land you any one of the many opportunities which seem to be hidden in plain view and I’ll use the casino industry as an example to drive the point home.

Physical Casino

Despite what may appear to be a plethora of menial jobs within the physical casino industry, a physical casino does indeed present the go-getter with so many opportunities they can capitalise on. Ask any casino manager where they started and you’ll be shocked to learn that some of them started as far down as doing something like cleaning. With industries such as these it’s about learning how things work and if you show a willingness to learn, word quickly makes its way up the power structures and you can very quickly go from doorman to head of security.

It’s possible and it only requires you to show a little initiative as well. However, I will get back to this example of a cleaner/doorman in a bit to demonstrate just how endless the possibilities are, limited only by your imagination really.

Physical casinos have plenty of peripheral and supporting industries and markets which one can tap into, for example if you notice that the potatoes sourced for the French fries in the casino’s resident buffet are of low quality and perhaps cost a lot, you can ask to perhaps become the new supplier and offer better quality at a lower price or at the same price.

Digital Casino

The phrase “digital casino” is in itself an iteration of the many different opportunities which surround the casino niche we’re zoning in on, as it’s simply a matter of a team of programmers typing code to create a digital version of an existing concept. Some of the best online casinos thrive because they stick to the basics when they need to, such as offering the ever-popular Mayana slot which every online gambler just can’t enough of.

So those are plenty of opportunities even for the self-taught programmer, but to get back to the cleaner/doorman discussion as a possible subject in carving out an opportunity in this niche, those are some of the casino industry employees who are closest to exactly what goes on, on the ground.

So these are the types of insiders who should be killing it in the referrals niche, perhaps writing about the experiences of the many gamblers they come into contact with who walk in and out of the doors of their place of work. You have some unique informational gold if you are in an environment which allows you to keep records of which slots machines have paid out the biggest and most frequent jackpots, for example and this is the kind of information which acts as the hottest leads-driver if not making for some information you could package into an e-book and sell!