Food and Beverage Management: The Benefits of Getting an MBA

The food and beverage industry is enjoying tremendous growth. People the world over are seeking places with quality food and drinks. This has created a desperate need for trained, knowledgeable people to manage these establishments. People with accurate information about food and wine and experience in food and beverage management.


It’s a booming industry with unlimited potential for growth. That’s why people looking for lucrative careers should consider working in the food and beverage industry.

Proper Training and Education

When many people think of the food and beverage industry they picture minimum wage positions as delivery drivers, cooks and servers. But there are many management positions available in the industry. The key is to get the training, education and experience required to handle a management position.

The Bologna Business School has a world-renowned food and beverage MBA program that can provide people with the tools they need to build a career in this exciting, in-demand field.

Programs Available at Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School is part of the University of Bologna, which is the Western world’s oldest university. Since 2000, BBS has been preparing young managers, executives and other professionals for careers in the food and beverage industry.

Students can also attend full or part-time Master’s degrees in Corporate Finance, Administration, Finance and Control, Business Management, Technology and Innovation, Supply Chain and Operations, Sales and Marketing, Tourism and Events and many other fields.

Local and International Positions

With a Master’s in Food and Wine people can find work as a manager with local, national and international businesses. Those can be back-office positions or ones that allow managers to understand first-hand the needs and reactions of their customers.

Many people work on the wholesale level while others become food and wine specialists. Some spend their careers focusing one improving the food and beverage industry using green energy and sustainable business practices.

The employment opportunities in the industry are diverse and keep expanding every day. Whether your goal is to work in the Asian, European, Latin American or North American markets, a Master’s in Food and Beverage Management can help.