Footballers and Casinos – A Match Made in Heaven

There is something so totally thrilling about football and that’s why so many fans love to attend live games, as well as working through sports bookies to make wagers on their favourite teams. If you think it’s exciting during the regular season, you should see fans go mad wagering when their team goes to the finals. However, what most of those fans don’t know is that their favourite footballers also like to place a bet or two, but they are only allowed to make bets on other games and sports.

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Why Footballers Don’t Wager on Their Own Game

It’s highly against the rules of the sport to wager on your own games. The reason for this is obvious. It is all too easy to throw a game and if you put your money on the other team, you could make a killing. Although pro athletes want to win that often elusive World Cup or series ring, sometimes that big financial win is even more important. For the most part, this is why footballers don’t or can’t bet on their own games.

Who Doesn’t Like Free Money to Wager?

Although most fans look at footballers as if they are all multimillionaires that isn’t always the case. Yes, some of the greats do build a good bit of wealth along the way due to all those companies that offer them advertising deals, but most pro players aren’t as wealthy as the general public would like to believe. This is why so many footballers make the rounds of online casinos. They quickly learn that it pays to start with the house’s money. You can find free casino bonuses with no deposit and that’s what many of them look for in the beginning. Really, who doesn’t like to play with free money?

Dealing with Frustration at a Loss

You might be surprised to learn this but many footballers learn to handle losses better by playing online casino games. They learn to keep their reaction to a dull roar as opposed to throwing the ball at a coach or other player when the call goes the other way. Being able to deal with frustration out there on the field is a huge part of keeping team morale high. This is why so many athletes use the time for both enjoyment and therapy.

A Long List of Footballers Who Love to Gamble

There is, in fact, a very long line of famous footballers who love to lay their money down on a table or put it in the slots. According to Malcolm Sterling in an article dated 18 February 2017, stars like David Beckham are often seen hitting the physical casinos around the globe and have been known to try their hand online as well. Nothing lends itself better to gambling than sports and that’s why Beckham and Arsenal’s Paul Merson enjoy a good game of cards or a spin of the wheel. Include in their number other players like Michael Owen and you can quickly see that even the greats love to gamble.