What to Do With Your Free Casino Spins and Bonus Credits

If you’re a budding professional gambler or if you’re indeed a seasoned pro who makes a decent living through your full-time gambling, you may or may not be aware of the various bonuses made available by lots of online gambling platforms. Although if you’re already a pro, chances are you know all about these special promo bonuses and the likes. Either way, most people don’t know how to make full and effective use of these signup bonuses and other special promos handed to them, some of which go wasted as they’re actually pretty big bonuses.

Free Spins

imageEvery bettor loves free spins (like Playtinum Play free spins for $1) and for some knowing what to do with them and using them effectively comes more naturally than with others. However, the vast majority of gamblers simply waste their free spins. Free spins should be used more for “educational” purposes than for going big all the time, unless of course you are already well educated as to how the game you’re playing works and in addition to having your regular betting strategy on lock-down, you can “afford” to use those extra credits to take a big chance with free spins. Otherwise, you can go ahead and get more info about free spins slots and win.

Signup Bonus Credits

imageWhile free spins are a bit more specific to a selection of games you may or may not already enjoy playing, some platforms offer outright credit as part of their signup bonus promotion. At the end of the day it’s all pretty much the same thing. The only real difference is that in one instance the bonus applies to the specific game, like if you’re playing online slots and you get free spins, while the other instance entails bonus credits being allocated to your gaming wallet or balance. In the specific case of the extra credit reflecting in your balance, this is what you use to go big on the progressive jackpots. The general rule of thumb with progressive jackpots is that the bigger you bet, the bigger the jackpot you win, so this is when you should make use of that “max bet” option, or whatever the equivalent to that is on the specific game you’re playing.

Double Your Credit

imageRegular gamers will know that a lot of digital online casino games usually have more to them than just the core offering. If you’re playing slots for instance, there are often some special features or special game modes which give you special chances of winning, perhaps winning big at that, apart from the regular spins you bet on. This is your chance to specialise when the game goes into these special game modes, using some of your free credits. One example will have you spinning on a 50/50 chance of winning and losing, which means you can double your money whenever you win on the spin. Limit these chances you take however and learn to quit while you’re ahead (by “quit” I mean going back to the regular game mode and banking what you won in the special game mode).