How to Generate High Quality Leads at Exhibitions

One of the most successful methods of generating high quality leads can be found at exhibitions, but unfortunately, few companies understand how to use the space they have paid for to their advantage. Most only think of the visual attraction and erroneously believe that in order to gather prospects they need to have the most visually appealing space at the event. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of what it takes to build that high quality list for future reference. There is so much more involved that it’ll take some serious planning on your part, along with the help of exhibition display professionals who are expert in the field.


Consider the Venue

The first thing you should do is consider the venue where the event will be held. There will almost always be a theme and you should try to design your display around this. But really that is where it stops. Too many companies try too hard to build a theme-oriented display to capture people’s attention that they often forget why they spent the money to be there in the first place. Let’s face it. Events are not always the most uncostly method of marketing strategies but they can offer the highest return if you use them wisely.

Create an Ergonomic Flow

Once you have a rapt audience, it’s your job to keep them there long enough to weed out the simple passers-by from those who are high quality leads. Here is where it is suggested that you plan the ergonomic flow to work them through stages of qualification. One of the most effective and interesting strategies is to use a game of sorts that each person will play; a computer game that extracts answers as they play but you can follow up with later. Data capture is what you need to focus on because once you have their contact information, you can then proceed to work on an approach that would interest them.

From One Point to the Next

According to the expert design engineers at Nimlok, you can literally create movement in the direction you want your visitors to go. Whether beginning with an attention-grabbing digital game, or with a giveaway and on to innovative data capturing technology, the end result is a list of high quality leads that expressed enough interest to have a hands-on experience with your technology. Few people will waste their time, even with games, if they have no interest in your brand, products or services.

The takeaway from all this is that your ergonomic display can be likened to Feng Shui. Everything has a purpose in which the placement draws focus from one point to the next with a central focus that is the soul of the display. It is here that you will eventually separate the wheat from the chaff so that the kernel you are left with is a viable high quality lead. Exhibitions come with a price but with proper use of ergonomic flow those high quality leads will be worth their weight in gold.