Get Your Business as High-Tech as Possible



There are several reasons to make sure your office is as up to date with technology as possible. You may be just about getting all of your work done on time. But there’s no question that having the best tech you can get can increase productivity and worker satisfaction.

Here are some the ways you can ensure your business as high-tech as possible.


Let’s start really simple. The lighting in modern offices is one of their most controversial features. The lighting is generally provided via cheap, fluorescent bulbs. I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of mixed feelings about the lighting in your office. If you have enough natural lighting, then the lights feel superfluous. But when it gets a touch darker, the lights can still feel a little too bright.

Consider installing dimmers and localised lighting control. Having one switch for the entire overhead lighting system is a little inefficient. Imagine being able to control specific lighting areas. You could dim the lights closer to the windows, allowing the room to get brighter the farther from natural light people are. You should see if some commercial electrical contractors will be able to help you with this.

High-speed Internet

I’ve worked in a few offices that have claimed to have fast Internet. But many business owners don’t seem to account for the sheer amount of people attempting to use the same connection. Bandwidth gets stretched out and everyone’s connection grinds to a halt.

Of course, there are some distinctly modern problems that could be exacerbating the issue. If a bunch of people on Tidal and streaming music, for example, then that’s going to kill everyone’s speed. You could choose to tackle the problem by limiting people’s ability to stream at work. There are strong arguments for that, but why not just look into getting a much faster connection? Having ultra high-speed Internet will ensure everyone’s work goes smoothly. It will also help if you need to send large files to clients. With so much business occurring in the cloud, you can’t afford to skimp on connection quality and speed.



Dual monitors

With employees dealing with so much information in modern offices, work becomes a juggling act. Maybe it’s always been this way, but because our workspace is on a screen it becomes a visual juggling act.

The best way to combat the stress this can cause is to give your employees a second monitor. Dual monitors have been shown to boost productivity in particularly busy work environments.

Electronic whiteboard

One old-school piece of equipment we still use in the office is the whiteboard. During big brainstorming sessions, there’s nothing more useful than a shared writing workspace. The problem is what to do with the information afterwards.



I recently had a brainstorming session with some colleagues. What we did with the information on the whiteboard was take a photo of it on our smartphones. That sounds more high-tech than it actually is. What you really need is an electronic whiteboard. This actually allows you to save the data as an image file, or to print it out directly.