Getting the Most of Online Dating – Finding an Ideal Mate with an Ideal Online Profile


Online dating has revolutionized the way in which people are now looking for a soul-mate; previously limited with geographical and language boundaries, now people can look for a partner virtually in any corner of the world with Internet connection. Fantastic, isn’t it? You can now choose among thousands of people, and you can individualize your search with special options such as sharing a specific hobby, particular appearance traits (for instance, you can search only blondes, or only blue-eyed beauties) – making an individually customized acquaintance has never been so easy!

Dating Online – Easier or Harder?

But let’s get take a close look at the situation – is it REALLY so easy? Finding a girl online is not hard at all, but is it a guarantee that she will write you back? Will only your interest be enough for the two of you to establish a long-term, trusting relationship? No! You should also be attractive to the woman you liked, otherwise she will ignore your invitation for a chat. How to make girls love you? An answer is simple – an appealing, correctly composed and organized personal profile is the first step towards successful online dating. Relationship gurus from give some valuable advice on making your online dating profile flawless to attract maximum attention and make your online mate search work!


  • Be honest in describing yourself, your lifestyle, and habits. You are looking for a person with whom you will spend a considerable portion of time, maybe your lifetime! When you search through girls’ profiles, do you pay attention to what they like and dislike? Does this affect your decision to write to them? Right, it does! So why make a false impression of yourself? It will come out during closer communication in future, and may result in your partner’s disenchantment. Show yourself as you are (leaving all overtly negative details, of course), and you will be able to find a truly suitable partner.
  • Be honest about your dating expectations. When you compose your online profile, be honest and realistic about your expectations about a partner. Here, the golden middle is the best – don’t be too specific, such as, for instance, stating that you look for a blonde from Ukraine, with blue eyes, adoring dogs, having higher education in arts, and dreaming of having 5 children, will most likely not result in any fruitful outcome. But at the same time, do not be too general – in this case, girls may think that you do not care with whom to date, and will not feel a bond with you in terms of interests and personality fit.
  • Do not talk too much about yourself. All details may be discussed during closer communication with the girl you like. Reading through lengthy and detailed descriptions in your profile may blur the impression of who you really are, so make sure that you include only the gist.
  • Make your profile illustrative of who you really are. Do not speak of how strongly you like dogs and travel – show that! Some illustrative photos may speak eloquently instead of you, and will make a strong impression on girls.

Following these recommendations will add you some extra scores in the online mate search, but do not neglect taking the initiative on your own. Look for a woman of your dream and contact her first – this may show you as a strong and determined man, a really good start of a constructive relationship!