How effective is your product packaging?

In the competitive world of modern commerce, first impressions count. It’s no surprise then that companies pay such close attention to the packaging they use to present their goods. If you’re wondering whether your product display solutions make the grade, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions.


Are they practical and appealing?

There are some basic criteria that all packaging should meet. For example, from an aesthetic point of view, it has to look attractive and effectively showcase your brand. It should also make it immediately obvious to consumers what’s inside. Any ambiguity can turn potential customers off. From a practical perspective, it should be cost-effective to produce and as light and compact as possible to minimise transport and storage costs. It should also protect the goods inside from damage. If you’re not confident when it comes to creating your own packaging, it pays off to enlist the help of specialist designers. Spending a little more money at this stage could help to increase your sales and boost your bottom line overall.

What do consumers think?

Regardless of whether you design your product packaging yourself or you get experts to help, it’s crucial that you find out what consumers make of it. Even if you’re convinced it’s the ideal showcase for your goods, prospective customers may have other ideas. There are various different ways to test consumer opinion, and you can find out more about them by visiting specialist consumer research websites like One option is to conduct online questionnaires, while another is to set up central location tests. These analyses involve presenting people with different packages in a randomised order and then getting them to score the products based on variables such as pack format, how appealing the goods are and value for money.

Conducting research like this can provide you with valuable insights that you may otherwise miss, so it’s well worth going to the effort.

Do you need to make improvements?

Once you’ve analysed your packaging yourself and asked consumers to do the same, you’ll need to decide if you’re happy for it to stay the same or you want to make improvements. Be honest with yourself at this stage. While enhancing your display solutions will take time, effort and money, it could play a major role in boosting sales and helping to secure the long term success of your company.

There is an art to getting packaging right, and many firms struggle with this process. However, by being methodical and critical in your approach, you should achieve the results you’re after.